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The 'Making an Impact' Summit is a showcase of the role professionals, academics and students can play in creating positive social outcomes, funded by BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities.  

Join us this year for the EWB Challenge Showcase, Research Symposium and an inspirational panel discussion around how those in technical disciplines can make a positive impact in the communities in which we work.


Tuesday 13 December 2016
10:00 am -- 8:00 pm
The Dream Factory
Level 2, 90 Maribyrnong St
Footscray, VIC, 3011

Thanks to the participants who have registered! 
We're looking forward to seeing you at the "Making an Impact" Summit.

Student Registrations are now open.

Why do we need to 'Make an Impact?'

To create solutions to global challenges including water and sanitation, appropriate housing, clean energy, digital access and education we need to have dynamic conversations that create an evolving and resilient engineering and technology sector.

At Engineers Without Borders Australia we act as a catalyst for sector-wide change using knowledge sharing, innovation and encouraging greater social action in our community. 

What participants will learn at the 'Making an Impact' Summit?

We will inspire you with tangible examples of engineering for social change.  Learn more about the spectrum of EWB initiatives including EWB Connect, local partnerships, research, and the EWB Challenge Program. You'll hear from industry leaders and professional such as:

  • Claire Dixon - EWB
  • Justin Munyaka - UNHCR 
  • Arifur Rahman - UNHCR
  • Andrew Clafton - BHP Billiton 
  • Rebecca Samulski - BHP Billiton 
  • EWB Field Researchers
  • EWB Challenge award-winning university students. 


The 'Making an Impact' Summit will help attending engineering and industry professionals who want to use their skills to create a better world.   Academics and students who want to explore how their university experience can be used to create humanitarian outcomes and anyone who is interested in using technology and design to solve global challenges.  

See our blog entry from last years EWB challenge Showcase at the 2015 'Making an Impact' Summit here.

Check out the program below!  

This is a free event for our members and partners, but limited places are available by invitation only.

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Tim Kuiper, EWB Field Volunteer, Timor-Leste

Schedule   (as of November 2016)