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The Dialogues South Australia Study tour provides an opportunity for students to develop a deeper understanding of the role engineering and technology play in creating positive change within communities.


What is Dialogues South Australia?

Students from the University of Adelaide and others will travel across South Australia for one week, meeting with Aboriginal communities to learn about community development, appropriate technology and humanitarian engineering.

Participants will also build an understanding of effective development goals such as participation, empowerment and capacity building. In preparation for the community visits students will attend workshops run by EWB staff and community leaders.

The Dialgoues Study tour will provide professional design and engineering work experience, and provide participants with work, community development and design skills, as well as deepening their understanding of Aboriginal Australia and the specific design challenges communities face. 

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Program workshops and cultural experiences

The Study Tour includes a series of educational workshops run by EWB staff and local community leaders. The workshops will prepare students for their community visits and design project so that they may get the most out of their experience.

Introduction to Development. Community development and community engagement can be a complex process. This engaging workshop connects design, skills and processes.

Aboriginal Culture and History. This workshop provides students with an introduction to the Aboriginal culture, history and contemporary reality.

Working with Communities. In preparation for the design program, participants will learn about effective human-centered design methodologies, working with translators and the skills needed to engage effectively in the field.

Appropriate Technology. This workshop aims to explore many of the different lenses that appropriate technology requires us to look through such as financial, social inclusion, environmental constraints.

Speakers will share case studies to explain their own experience of the process in developing appropriate technology for different contexts, such as communities with limited resources. 

Aboriginal Cultural Experiences

Students will visit the following important cultural sites to gain a greater understanding of the Aboriginal  cultural context:

·         Historic cliff carvings in Nildottie (Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park)

·         The Coorong (Country of the Ngarrindjeri)

·         Kangaroo Island Archaeological visit

·         Ngarrindjeri Cultural Museum

Program Dates: 15th January- 21st January 2018

Program cost: $2,000 (Scholarships Available for University of Adelaide Students)

Application Deadline: 10th of December, 2017

If you're not a university of Adelaide student, but are interested in joining, please contact a.colley@ewb.org.au