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EWB is creating sector wide change by shifting Australia’s perception of engineers from a technical profession to one that is innovative and focused on the long term.

We do this by acting as a host and incubator for leadership and training initiatives for students, engineers and the wider community on issues such as sustainable development, appropriate technology, poverty alleviation and social change.

Link Festival 2015. Photo: Saskia Wilson. 2015


Our Leadership and Training Programs include:

Link Festival
Our major conference is Link Festival Australia's premier 'design for social change' event. It is the signature event for engineers, designers, architects and technology professionals who are interested in using their skills for social change.

Study Tours
EWB themed tours offer emerging and established technical professionals the opportunity to gain intensive exposure to issues in a developing world context.  Participants learn about analysing complex issues, technical capacity development, community participation, research and innovation and sector engagement. Find out more about our upcoming Water Professional Study Tour.