Knowledge Hubs
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A Knowledge Hub is a network of people with a common passion for a theme central to EWB.

Knowledge Hubs build organisational knowledge by learning from EWB’s own experiences and from external sources. This knowledge is fed back into EWB’s activities, deepening our impact. It is also shared with external organisations and individuals, broadening our impact.

Knowledge Hubs provide targeted opportunities for people to utilise their expertise to make a positive difference in the world. Equally as important, they support people in further developing their knowledge and skills by connecting them to one another and to a wealth of educational resources and opportunities.

Knowledge Hubs are currently involved in appropriate technology initiatives in your region and provide technical support to our volunteers in the field.

Please contact your region's President or respective Knowledge Hub Coordinator if you would like more information.

Watch this space - EWB is evaluating how we enable humanitarian engineering to communicate and collaborate online.