Make your #probonopledge

EWB invites you to join the movement to support pro bono engineering and make a #probonopledge! Share your #probonopledge with EWB, colleagues and your friends. 

Email your pledge and a photo of you with your pledge to for inclusion here and across EWB's Pro Bono Initiative.


I believe it is incumbent upon each of us to make a difference, no matter how small, to positively impact our world now and in the future, and pledge my support to ensure all staff at Arup are supported and encouraged to undertake pro bono work and volunteer through the Arup Community Engagement program, working with local communities and our partners to drive change.
- Peter Bailey, Chair and CEO Arup Australasia


WorleyParsons is committed to growing pro bono and skilled volunteering, supported by the WorleyParsons Foundation and alongside our local community partners. I will encourage the people at WorleyParsons to undertake pro bono activities, utilising their skills to help communities realise their aspirations. 
- Andrew Wood - CEO WorleyParsons

Our ‘GHD in the Community’ program recognises our desire to contribute strongly to the communities in which we live and work. Along with our people and our clients, we will look for ways of using our skills and passion to benefit our communities, however defined, to make them better places to live.
- Russell Board, Chairman, GHD Group


Sharing our skills and knowledge, pro bono, with communities in need is a fundamental part of AECOM’s purpose to create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments. We’re proud to partner with Engineers Without Borders to help deliver sustainable solutions that lift living standards and protect the environment.
- Lara Poloni, AECOM Chief Executive - Australia-New Zealand


Peter Bowtell, Arup, with his pro bono pledge

Lizzie Brown, EWB CEO

Steve Durkin, Engineers Australia CEO, with his pro bono pledge

Phil Clark

Marni Oaten, Director, Corporate Responsibility, WorleyParsons, with her pro bono pledge


Calling All Engineers Claire Dixon, GHD, with her pro bono pledge Edward Brelsford with his pro bono pledge


Joli Price, with her pro bono pledge



If you are looking for #probonopledge inspiration, see some of our #probonopledge examples below

I am committed to making pro bono part of our organisational culture. I will empower my team at [Insert company name] to do pro bono activities because we have the skills and the resources to contribute to and meet community aspirations.

I'm committed to sharing the value of my skills and knowledge, pro bono, because our communities need this knowledge.

Because [I, or Insert company name] recognises that engineering can overcome the biggest issues facing our communities and we, as a [company/individual] have a responsibility to contribute.

Pro bono brings the engineering industry together with community for impact at scale.

Pro bono puts the community at the centre of our work and reflects [my/organisation’s] values that all engineering should benefit those around us.

I #probonopledge because we have the skills and the resources to contribute to and meet community aspirations - to contribute to more than just our client's needs

[I/we] recognise our responsibility / role as a global citizen to contribute to the communities around us. 

I pledge to create opportunities for others to engage in pro bono activities, and for communities to receive pro bono engineering and design services.

I will empower my team to do pro bono activities and encourage them to seek out opportunities

[I/we] will make pro bono part of our organisational culture

I am committed to pro bono engineering and design because I'm part of the solution

I'll turn the skills of my organisation into impact (my skills)

I pledge that pro bono engineering is just part of what I do as a responsible engineer 

I'll use my technical engineering and design skills to engage others and provide benefit

Positive community impact is part of core business

I'll be proud to be an engineer that gives back. I'll donate my time, energy and expertise for the community good

I'm committed to making positive community impact part of our core business

Ethics is about taking positive action

I #probonopledge because I act on my professional responsibility to give back

I pledge that I will use community, technology and engineering to create a better world by considering social and environmental impacts of my work

I acknowledge that good business means a positive, financial, social and environmental commitment – and for [me/us], that includes pro bono engineering and design

I believe that good engineering and design is good for me, good for my business and our world

I promote ethical practice

I consider the cultures, people and land impacted by my decisions and work