Sanitation in Challenging Environments

EWB is working to make Sustainable Development Goal 6 a reality for millions living in challenging environments where standard sanitation systems don't work.

The Sanitation Issue

Almost 2.4 billion people worldwide lack access to toilets, and practice open defecation. This increases the risk of discease, resulting in ill health, malnutrition, stunting and poor development outcomes for communities. Challenging environments compound these issues, because even when standard sanitation systems are available these designs typically don't work in areas prone to flooding, high groundwater, and drought. This makes it even harder for these communities to access good sanitation.

What do we do?

Living and working in country, our experienced technical professionals are not only skilled in the development of appropriate SCE systems, but also in community led design and engagement. We work hand in hand with communities and local organisations to develop effective and approproate sanitation solutions for the hardest to reach, and to ensure that these systems are adopted and maintained. 

We also share knowledge and advocate, to increase awareness of the issues faced by the hardest to reach, and to provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.


This World Toilet Day we are talking about toilets for the millions of people who live in flood prone, mountainous and remote areas – challenging environments where standard sanitation systems don’t work. We are designing and skill building to change that. Read more

Support World toilet day: 

EWB is a supporter of World Toilet Day (Nov 19) and aims to help achieve SDG 6 which includes targets on adequate sanitation.

I want to know more

Meet MR Chin: Community WASH Champion

Read the story of Mr Chin, who had never heard the word 'toilet' before. An EWB case study for sanitation solutions in Cambodia 

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