EWB's Sanitation in Challenging Environments Project
The SCE Project was established in June 2014 in Cambodia based on years of experience working with local partner organisations.

One of the main objectives of the SCE Project is to share knowledge on this important topic in Cambodia and world-wide in an effort to increase awareness of the issues faced, provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. 

The Sanitation Issue? Almost 2.4 billion people worldwide lack access to toilets, creating health issues, malnutrition in children as well as stunting economic development and creating gender issues for women and girls who are forced to relieve themselves in the open.

What is a Challenging environment? Challenging environments are considered to be difficult geographical and/or geological conditions, where conventional sanitation designs have proven unsuccessful. In Cambodia, where our SCE project works, 4.14 million people (WSP, 2011) (~27% of Cambodia’s population) live in areas affected by flooding, high groundwater, floating, riverbank or coastal conditions impacting their ability to access appropriate and improved sanitation solutions at all times.


This World Toilet Day we are talking about toilets for the millions of people who live in flood prone, mountainous and remote areas – challenging environments where standard sanitation systems don’t work. We are designing and skill building to change that. Read more

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EWB is a supporter of World Toilet Day (Nov 19) and aims to help achieve SDG 6 which includes targets on adequate sanitation.

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Meet MR Chin: Community WASH Champion

Read the story of Mr Chin, who had never heard the word 'toilet' before. An EWB case study for sanitation solutions in Cambodia 

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The Sanitation in Challenging Environment (SCE) Project. An outcome of the SCE Network Forums held in Cambodia in 2014/2015, based on opinions of participants was that increased knowledge sharing within Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) sector on SCE is vital to developing and implementing solutions and overcoming barriers from all perspectives (behaviour change, market, technology etc.). 

Knowledge should be shared in the form of best practice techniques, lessons learnt, case studies, designs and behaviour change tools. The SCE program aims to fulfil these objectives. 

For any queries about this program, please contact sceproject@ewb.org.au