EWB is proud to present our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for 2013 to 2015.

This is EWB's third RAP, since beginning our Reconciliation journey in 2008. It is endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, who have ranked it as a Stretch RAP, acknowledging EWB's long term commitment to embedding reconciliation across the engineering sector, building the cultural awareness of all staff and members, and focus on working alongside our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community partners and friends.

EWB is only the second organisation in Australia to receive Stretch RAP status.

A RAP is a tool to help organisations build positive relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It provides a format for exploring how reconciliation can advance business and organisational objectives, and a public contribution towards the national effort to close the 17-year life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.


Reporting on the first year of EWBs 2013-15 Stretch RAP. 

The RAP has an important role in EWB’s commitment to a reconciled Australia. This most recent RAP report reflects on EWB’s progress on meeting the objectives of the first year of our 2013-15 Stretch RAP.

Below are links to the 2013-14 RAP Report that details the key activities, progress and lessons learned over the past year in working towards achieving our RAP goals.

RAP Report 2013-14 Summary
RAP Report 2013-14 Table