If you're keen to deepen your knowledge about Aboriginal Australia, here are some good places to start:


Capacity Building www.capacity.org

Reconciliation Australia has some excellent resources on their website.

Engineering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) Includes information on infrastructure, water, energy, community engagement, training and telecommunications.

CAT Projects Engineering consultancy owned by CAT ltd.

National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture

ABC: First Footprints does deeper into Traditional Knowledge 

The Boyer Lecture Series delivered by Marcia Langton in 2012 captures some excellent analysis of the contemporary economic situation of Aboriginal Australia and some controversial takes on mining and the Aboriginal middle class. 

SBS Series First Australians looks at Aboriginal history in Australia from pre-colonisation through to the Apology. Includes inputs from Aboriginal historians as well as non-Aboriginal historians. 

Learn about Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations

Read, listen and learn with Our Place Magazine, Our Place Radio and Bush Tech Guides (Bush tech quick-guides include briefings on various topics themed around sustainability and appropriate technologies for remote communities.)

Ringbalin: River stories: Put together by Goodmorning Beautiful Films: this interactive map captures the journey of the Kooma (Gwamu) people, our friends from Ngarrandjeri and other Nations down the Murray, dancing the spirit back into the river.