Link ∞ Research Symposium is an annual showcase of humanitarian research focused on providing communities in the Asia-Pacific region with the knowledge and technology they need to live a life of opportunity free from poverty. 

This all-day event is an interactive forum to learn about and share insights into technology and design research for social change.  Great speakers from research and practice disseminate their latest findings with workshops and panel sessions keeping the day active and collaborative. Attendees are a mix of students, academics, industry professionals and non-government workers.


Link Research Symosium 2017 highlights?

More than 150 passionate humanitarians came together at Engineers Australia Victoria Division's beautiful space in Melbourne to share and workshop ideas towards solving global challenges.  There was the opportunity to directly ask questions of the panels and speakers and have conversations around careers, culture, technology, poverty and development. Many presentations focused on the design projects, research and the ways in which young engineers and students from multi-disciplines are creating impact towards positive social change. We're inspired by the professionalism and high-standard of the presentations, engagement and positive energy created.

Congratulations to every participant at the Making an Impact Summit for the stellar efforts throughout the year and the great project work.  In addition we'd like to congratulate and celebrate the recipients of the following Awards for 2017:


Humanitarian Engineering Research Program 2017

Inspiration Award - For an academic who goes above and beyond to provide their students with outstanding research supervision and support.
Pierre Le Clech - University of New South Wales

Innovation Award - For a research student who produces outstanding new knowledge or technology which will improve peoples lives.
Koray Kilic - University of Sydney

Pitch Award - The audiences choice for the best research presentation at Link Research Symposium
Sam Kellahan - University of New South Wales


Thank you to the following researchers for presenting their project in the Summit.

Charling Li
Monash University
Guidelines for technical internships in Cambodia

Adam Lee
Melbourne University
The challenges facing pro bono engineering and their solutions

Dr Andrea Mazzurco
Swinburne University
Co-Designing with Communities in Humanitarian Engineering Projects

Andrew Drain
Massey University
Inclusive Agriculture: Co-Design with People with Disability in Cambodia

Sam Kellahan
University of NSW
A rice seed planter for rural Cambodia

Angad Keith
University of Technology Sydney
The development of low-cost renewable cooking solution for refugees

Dr Himabindu Kandi
Low cost sustainable concrete

Phillip Edwards
University of Queensland
Trombe wall conditioning for Nepal

Ellen Ziegler
University of NSW
Designing an emergency cook-stove for the Asia-Pacific

Dr Sam Perkins
Engineers Without Borders Australia
When desirability isn't enough: Humanitarian engineering applied to commercial product design