EWB Challenge Scholarship

The EWB Challenge Scholarship program is specifically designed to recognise high achieving and values driven students who are passionate about applying their engineering skills to the objectives of community development and poverty eradication. 

Thanks to the generous support of BHP Billiton, EWB is able to offer 5 x $10,000 scholarships for students to undertake a 3-year professional development program in Humanitarian Engineering through EWB and our program partners. 

For more details, see the link opposite.

Student Registration

As a participant in the EWB Challenge, students are provided free membership to EWB for 1 year. Students can register individually here. This will provide you with full access to Challenge discussion boards, other resources within the website and all the other benefits that comes with being an EWB member.

Chapter Membership

Chapters are the heart and soul of Engineers Without Borders in Australia and are a great way to become involved with EWB at a grass roots level. By affiliating with a chapter, you will be considered a member of that chapter. Chapters offer a framework for members to work in your local area as well as a great way to meet people with similar values.

Chapters focus on:

  • Creating a sense of excitement and understanding about international development.
  • Educating engineers and engineering students about appropriate and sustainable technologies.
  • Helping prepare members for overseas placements.
  • Getting involved in local and national programs.
  • Conducting outreach activities to raise awareness of development among the community.
You can connect with your local Chapter of EWB here.