Dr Cristian Birzer
 Senior Lecturer at The University of Adelaide

Dr Cristian Birzer MIEAust is a mechanical engineer and Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the University of Adelaide’s School of Mechanical Engineering and Centre for Energy Technology. His teaching and research interests are in the fields of sustainable energy, humanitarian technology, fluid mechanics and combustion. 

Dr Birzer is the Director and co-founder of the Humanitarian Technology Research Group and the Director of External Relations for the School of Mechanical Engineering. He is a former Manager of MechTest, the consulting arm of the School of Mechanical Engineering and former Manager of the Adelaide Wind Tunnel. Dr Birzer is also a former consultant engineer and current member of the Australian Defence Force, having worked in East Timor and the Solomon Islands.


Leila Macadam

PhD Candidate at the Australian National University

Leila Macadam is a PhD Candidate at the Australian National University’s Integrated Catchment Assessment and Management Center (iCAM.) Her research focuses on sustainable groundwater management opportunities to support both the domestic and agricultural supply in the south-east of Cambodia.

Macadam is a previous Project Officer at the North Central Catchment Management Authority in Bendigo and has worked in consulting as a Civil Engineer in Waterways & Water Resources with GHD in Brisbane.


Brendan Rigby

Co-Founder WhyDev

Brendan is an education specialist having worked as a teacher, researcher and consultant in international development. He has worked with UNICEF Ghana in their field office managing education interventions, leading venture support for StartSomeGood, and co-founding WhyDev an Australian non-profit dedicated to getting development right. Brendan has also been a consultant for Plan International, Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority, and UNICEF on a range of education projects from digital language assessment to literacy interventions for out of school children. He can be found running, drinking tea, watching American Football and singing karaoke when not working.



Rita Henderson
 Senior Lecturer at The University of New South Wales

Dr Rita Henderson is a Senior lecturer in the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW. Her research interests are in water treatment and quality and she works closely with the Australian water industry to facilitate the transfer of research outcomes to an industry setting.

Her teaching includes environmental science & technology, process engineering and engineering design, in particularly, the EWB Challenge. She initiated the UNSW-EWB Partnership and has since worked closely with EWB and the UNSW-EWB Student Chapter to ensure that the benefits of this partnership, with respect to both student experience and research opportunity, are maximised. 


Andrew Drain
Lecturer at Massey University, New Zealand

Mr Andrew Drain is a product design engineer and Lecturer in Product Development Engineering at Massey University’s School of Engineering & Advanced Technology. He is also a PhD Candidate focusing on new product development process improvements for practitioners working in developing markets. This includes the use of Human-Centered-Design techniques, the refinement of existing design frameworks as well as the importance of ergonomics and usability in the design of products for developing markets. 

Andrew Drain is a previous Process Development Engineer at the medical device development company Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and has experience in technical development, user centered product features and test procedures related to product and usability requirements.


Joli Price
EWB Training Program Coordinator

Joli Price is currently the Training Program Coordinator at EWB and in this role she coordinates and facilitates the Humanitarian Design Summit. She has been a long term volunteer with EWB and a participant on a number of humanitarian engineering study tours in Cambodia, India, Israel and China.

Price completed her B Eng (Civil Engineering) at the University of Melbourne, before going on to work as a water system design engineer for a major engineering consultancy. She also holds an M Phil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge.


Edward Brelsford 
R&D Engineer in Engineering Analysis at Novo Nordisk

Edward Brelsford is an R&D Engineer in Engineering Analysis at Novo Nordisk in Denmark and has taught physics and maths for 10 eyars. He studied mathematics at the University of Queensland, education at the Queensland University of Technology, and most recently mechanical engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Brelsford is passionate about humanitarian work and strives to use his maths and physics skills to create impact. While studying mechanical engineering, Brelsford got involved with the EWB’s University of Melbourne Chapter. Brelsford now volunteers with the National chapter, and has been involved with EWB for three years.


Alanta Colley 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program Coordinator

Alanta Colley has managed the EWB Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program for four-years. Here, she facilitates Aboriginal community partnerships, oversees technical on-Country engineering projects with EWB’s corporate engineering partners, and ensures EWB’s reconciliation objectives are on track. Colley holds a Masters in International Public Health as well as over seven years experience working directly with communities in local and international development.

Colley has rolled out Whole of Government Initiatives within the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health’s Department of Health and Aging. Outside of her experience with EWB she has worked internationally with the United Nations Fund for Women in Cambodia, the Dili National Men’s Prison in Timor Leste, and has spent two years delivering village-level HIV and malaria prevention programs in rural Uganda.


Eva Cheng

Lecturer at RMIT University

Dr Eva Cheng is a post-doctoral lecturer at RMIT University. She teaches and researches in the fields of computer engineering and multimedia signal processing with an emphasis on speech, audio, image and video.

Cheng volunteered with Oxfam Australia from 2004 – 2009 and has volunteered with the Oxfam Shop since. She has been involved with in the EWB Challenge for three consecutive years, first as a tutor in 2013, and then as a course coordinator in 2014 and 2015.


Scott Daniel

PhD Candidate at Swinburne University

Scott Daniel is currently writing his PhD thesis in engineering education. His research focuses on interactive strategies for teaching in lectures and understanding lecturers’ experience in implementing them.

Daniel is a Facilitator with Australian Volunteers for International Development and a fortnightly guest on the radio program “ABC Gippsland" where he answers questions about popular science. He has worked overseas as a Physical Science Advisory Teacher in Namibia, a Science Teacher Trainer in the United States and a Science and Maths Teacher Trainer in Vanuatu. 


“In reflection of those two weeks, I believe I gained significantly from mentoring the students in that environment. Even as an academic who educates over 400 students each year, the small-group mentoring is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.”
–Dr Cristian Birzer, The University of Adelaide