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The Humanitarian Design Summit is a unique opportunity for students to expand upon their design and community development knowledge while engaging in an overseas educational experience.

The Design Summit program is an educational study tour designed to provide students with professional work experience while allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of the role design and technology play in creating positive change within communities.

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Georgia Welsh and Eva Cheng share a language lesson with their homestay hosts. Chambok, Cambodia. 2015

The Humanitarian Design Summit Program aims to                                                                   

•       To nurture future development leaders
•       To embed people-centred values and approaches in engineering, design and technology education.
•       To practice and promote two-way knowledge sharing
•       To promote the professional development of community partner staff
•       To support community partners by generating ideas for their projects

To find out more
Contact Joli Price
Training Program Coordinator
via email or on +61 3 8582 1866.