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Development Partnerships, Indonesia

EWB is working in partnership with Live and Learn to assist communities, schools and clinics to access clean water and sanitation, Indonesia. 
Photo: Michelle Quach, 2011

What are Development Partnerships?

EWB Development Partnerships work with community partners in Australia and overseas to facilitate meaningful and lasting change. We use our engineering knowledge and resources to bridge self-identified gaps in access to community health, wellbeing and opportunity.

We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia, and with targeted local community groups. We also work overseas in South Asia and South-East Asia. Using a strength based approach to community development, we work with individuals, organisations and communities to build their capacity and access to networks of learning and collaboration.

To achieve our aims, we engage established and emerging professionals in meaningful volunteer opportunities. We operate as a small giant which involves offering a small number of volunteer placements with high quality relationships and outcomes. Our focus is on sustained engagement that builds strong relationships and best practice models. We examine our impact and experience to continually enhance our own practice.

EWB Development Partnerships involve nurturing development leaders among our volunteers, community and corporate partners and our members. We strive to improve development engineering practices in the professional, community and government sectors in Australia and internationally through networks, documentation, demonstration and celebration.