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Our Professional Immersives Program offers a rich, challenging and empowering learning experience.
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EWB Australia’s professional training programs build on our deep understanding of community development practice and social value creation. Leading practice, approaches and methodologies at the nexus of the engineering, design and the community development sector are translated into immersive training initiatives that build future skills – such as dealing with complexity, leadership and cultural competencies. 

The Immersive Program is a structured series of workshops and cultural immersions that take professional participants on a transformational learning journey over seven days The program brings together a diverse cohort of professionals and emerging leaders forming a multi-disciplinary cohort, alongside with local community members and stakeholders. All Immersives are hosted by EWB Australia and expert facilitators in collaboration with a local community and social-impact organisations.

Typically held over eight days, the Professional Immersives Program is a structured learning program incorporating a cultural immersion within community – either overseas or in Australia. It brings together a diverse cohort of up to twelve professional multi-disciplinary teams, local community members and relevant stakeholders. All Immersives are hosted and facilitated by EWB Australia in collaboration with a local community organisation to achieve real, positive social impact.

Immersive Themes


Guided by the Sustainable Development Agenda we explore emerging and cross-cutting themes core to EWB Australia’s impact. Each program is tailored to the context and includes themes such as Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Energy, Assistive & Appropriate Technology, Leadership, and Diversity & Inclusion. 

Engineering in Australia*

Gain an appreciation of contemporary Indigenous culture, stories and traditional ways of knowing and doing through deep cultural immersion.  We explore the role we play as engineering, design and technical practitioners in creating positive change in our own backyard.

* can also customised to suit business needs and objectives on a ‘fee for service’ basis.

Program Aims

Future-ready Professionals

Cultivating the skills and attributes required to navigate a complex future, and work effectively in an increasingly globalised context.

Global Movement

We believe that engineering and design professionals have the capacity to build a sustainable future. Our programs aim to activate a movement of professionals with the skills to contribute to sustainable development.

Partnering for Impact

Supporting community partners through long-term, equitable partnerships by leveraging the knowledge and expertise in our support networks.

“I gained insights into better knowing how to ask purposeful yet open-ended questions, and to embrace the ambiguity. Asking questions with a solution already in mind does not allow me to really listen and be present – and it’s essential in order to gain a greater depth and breadth of insights to create solutions.”


EWB Immersives participant (February 2019), Manager Water Networks, Queensland Urban Utilities

Program Formats

 Our programs are led by a team of expert facilitators who guide the participant learning  journey through curated experiences. Each program contains a number of engaging and immersive elements that support participant learning and transformation.

Interactive Workshops

Professional Networking

Cultural Immersion

Field Visits and Case Studies

Peer Learning and Discussion

The future skills you’ll develop

Critical thinking – Navigating complexity – Professional responsibility – Cultural awareness – Working cross-culturally – Working with diverse teams – Leadership – Empathy – Professional ethics – Sustainable systems thinking – Communication – Collaboration

Continuing Professional Development

Participation in EWB Australia’s professional development programs:

EWB Professional Pathways

Connect to EWB Australia’s volunteering and pro-bono community impact programs.  

EA Chartered Status

Missing essential competencies? Gain evidence toward CPD hours on your track to Engineers Australia Chartered Professional Engineering Accreditation.

“I’d definitely say there would be a huge range of positive impacts on my professional work because of the experiences I gained during the program. I will be using this experience to provide evidence for at least 13/16 competency claims [for Engineers Australia’s CPEng chartered status]. My learnings on the program will also help me better understand my client’s needs and how to ask the right questions… so that I can deliver a better outcome to the client more efficiently and effectively.”


EWB Immersives participant (February 2019), Water/Civil Engineer, WSP

Upcoming Immersives

On Country: Cape York

Cape York, QLD l May/June 2020 

Diversity & Complexity

Timor-Leste l May/June 2020 

Climate Resilience & Action

Vanuatu l May/June 2020 


Do you have an idea for a training initiative or want to explore a collaboration with your organisation? Individuals, or corporates – we’d love to hear from you. Learn about our Bespoke Workplace training opportunities or get in touch to discuss.