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Education and Training

Providing pathways of support in-community, to foster a strong, locally-focused, human-centred engineering movement.

11% of graduates

in science-related tertiary education in Cambodia are female

23% of Timorese women

occupy management and decision-making positions

0.80 is the Gender Parity Index

in Timor-Leste of men/women in tertiary education

EWB Australia’s Education & Training  in-community focuses on a range of programs that engage local students and emerging professionals in the local engineering sector – from curriculum embedded programs and internships for engineering students in Timor-Leste, to the inspiring Women In Engineering group in Cambodia. 

Our Programs

Our programs deliver capacity-building initiatives to ensure local, skilled people are empowered to design, create and sustainably manage their own engineering needs.

Recent Stories

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How demonstration toilets inform the socialisation of Vanuatu’s sanitation and hygiene guidelines 19 November, 2019 - On Vanuatu’s 85 islands, many people live in challenging sanitation environments, including areas that are drought or flood-prone, coastal, on hard rock, with high groundwater or in difficult social contexts. Sanitation issues in Vanuatu are exacerbated by natural disasters like category five Cyclone Pam, which caused severe damage to buildings and critical infrastructure in 2015.… read more