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EWB exists to engineer a better world and engineer people out of poverty. We produce a range of publications to showcase the impact of our work and report it to our community

Impact publication

Shares the influence and impact of our work.

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Journal of Humanitarian Engineering

Showcases the innovative work of researchers and practitioners working at the intersection of technology and community development.

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Pro Bono Engineering Report

The pro bono engineering report for the Year of Humanitarian Engineering highlights the power that engineers have to make significant and lasting impacts on communities in need. 

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EWB Annual Reports

Annual reports
To view current or past annual reports, please select from the links below. Read the 2016 Annual Report.

2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

WIns and failure report

EWB is actively developing a culture where we learn from our mistakes. We list areas where we believe we had not fulfilled our mission and potential.  We list them because they provide our greatest opportunities to learn.

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You can also download the EWB Constitution