Volunteer EWB and Engineers Australia Event Facilitator

Posted by NSW Region, 25th October 2018
Location: 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood, New South Wales Link to google map
Applications close 16th December 2018

Description of the Position

The role of volunteers is to assist with the coordination of the events at a state based level.  The role will require individuals with strong project management and communication skills plus an understanding of EWB and EA objectives.  The role does not include a mandate to deliver the events, simply the ability to facilitate them.

The regional based champion role is a volunteer engagement.  You will be a active member of a wider 2-4 person event team.  A team that sits within the NSW chapter of responsibility.  The role will work closely with the NSW president and National relationship management.  The role will also require communication with the Galvanizer and Regional Hubs. 

It you are interested in applying please read on and email Aaron Smith at nsw.ewbconnect@ewb.org.au.  In your application please confirm what you would like to get out of the position and why you would like to me a member of this exciting program delivery team.

EWB / Engineers Australia Partnership

The partnership is currently being run as trial implementation in NSW.  Under the existing yearly reviewed arrangement, now in its 3 year, EWB is provided with facilities, marking and media support for up to six events in the calendar year at EA Sydney branch offices.  Individual events may also be sponsored by EA for up to $1000, depending on the EA prescribed value to staff and members.

EWB has full control of the context and structure of these events under the central aim to increase industry awareness for Pro Bono and Volunteerism.  Minor aims also include increased engagement with young professionals and undergraduates, as well as engagement with minority demographic in the industry.

Role Descriptions

To deliver successful outcomes to all parties in the relationship the team is looking for a state based volunteer/s facilitator able to bring their enthusiasm and experience to help support and development of the partnership

The role is expected to largely be a facilitation role.  This is including but not limited to the following activities; defining of each event’s objectives, development of event structure, marketing and promotion of the event, coordination of the event followed by summaries and publication of post event learning.  It is expected to require approx. 3-4 hours a week. 

The role will be supported by the national relationship manager, the wider NSW regional executive team and EA event and marking team

Under the proposed framework the state based event facilitator role is expected to include a range of tasks, including but not limited to:
• Collaborative defining of each event’s objectives with EA, event team and involvement with EWB internal stakeholders;
• Assisting with the sourcing of presenters and creation of event material;
• Defining the event structure, confirmation of presenters and coordination of inputs from each presenter;
• Issue of an event flyer and creation of an event page on the EWB website;
• Publication of the event through EWB and EA channels;
• Coordination of the event, including organization of required resources and liaison with EA event team;
• Coordination of the creation of a post event learning summary and issue through attendees, EWB and EA outlets;
• Participation in the end of year reviews of the relationships. Review to focus on the events impact alignment to each partnership organizations objectives and mission statement;
• Optional - Attendance of NSW EWB regional exec meeting, to promote events; and
• Optional – Attendance of EA community organization bi-monthly meeting.

Benefits from the role
? Connection to a range of volunteer and Pro Bono engaged profession, EA management and wider NSW EWB Regional volunteers;
? Gain experience in project management, team management and reporting;
? Opportunity to liaise with NGO and Pro Bono corporate members inside the wider Built Form Industry;
? Exposure to a range of diverse projects and their respective learnings;
? Ability to increase EA engagement in community projects and promotion opportunities to the wider industry; and
? Be involved in implementing a trail collaboration with nationally industry recognized organizations.

Skills required
? Understanding and passion for EWB’s vision for positive change through humanitarian engineering
? An interest in the growth of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Build Form Industry
? Ability to work collaboratively with other volunteers, in particular the changing event teams,
? Strong communication skills -  both verbal and written
? Experience in project management skills seen as benefit
? Commitment to the role for a minimum period of 12 months
? Note: that an engineering background or experience in the build form industry is not required