Energy Project Opportunity: Accelerating Energy Access in Cambodia

Posted by Victoria Region, 21st July 2019
Location: Remote, Anywhere
Applications close 31st August 2019

EWB Australia invites suitably qualified volunteers in the EWB Australia network to assist with the project outlined here.

The project can be undertaken by individuals and/or teams within a single location or across multiple locations.

The role that access to affordable, clean and modern forms of energy can have in sustainable development is recognised in Sustainable Development Goal 7. This project will support EWB Australia's evolving work in Cambodia and other community development contexts in supporting and accelerating electricity access to individuals and population clusters who have limited or no access to grid electricity. Cambodia will be the focus of this assignment. The outputs may be replicated for other contexts in future projects.The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) had set the following goals for development of the electricity sector in Cambodia.

1. All villages be electrified with electricity of any type by the year 2020;

2. At least 70 % of households have access to grid quality electricity by the year 2030.

Progress against these goals: as at 2018, 99.32 % of villages are covered by granted distribution licences and 86.85% electrified through grid distribution network (distribution network licence granted and network construction complete) and 72.16% of households are connected through these licence areas (EAC 2018). This would suggest that strong progress is being made to provide grid connection to households within formal village settings. However, it is recognised that grid connection does not necessarily result in electricity access as grid electricity may be intermittent or not affordable by sections of the population. It may also not account for populations outside of formal village settings e.g. seasonal movement of populations linked to agricultural cycles.This project will inform EWB Australia's position on opportunities to support and accelerate grid-quality access. Grid-quality access will be defined using the International Energy Agency definition for energy access, i.e. “a household having reliable and affordable access to both clean cooking facilities and electricity, which is enough to supply a basic bundle of energy services initially, and then an increasing level of electricity over time to reach the regional average" (IEA 2017).This has been adopted as the benchmark to measure progress towards goal SDG 7.1 that “By 2030, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services”.

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved with EWB and put your research skills in action.

About you

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting literature reviews to support academic research, including knowledge of identifying, collecting and synthesising literature in response to research questions.
  • High level written English literacy, with demonstrated ability to prepare and edit written materials to a high standard.
  • Minimum commitment of 4hs a week for 1.5 months is highly desirable.


Please include a small statement of why you want to participate in this project, what is your experience in research and what are your skills relevant to this role.

If you are interested in this position please contact Santiago Perrotto @