EWB WA Treasurer

Posted by Western Australia Region, 3rd June 2019
Location: Western Australia Region, Western Australia
Applications close 28th June 2019

The WA Treasurer is a part of the executive.

Role description
As WA Treasurer you are responsible for the financial management of the WA region including-budget adherence, bookkeeping and budget creation.

Key Responsibilities & Actions
• Reimbursement and Deposit processing (1 hour/week).
• Budget creation (10 hours/year).

Key Dates & Events
• WA Budget due to National Office (~end of April).
• Beginning of the next financial year (1 July).

• WA President (consultation on decision making and signing off on transactions).
• WA team leaders (reimbursements, deposits and budgeting).
• WA university treasurers (provide most of the work reimbursement, deposit and budgeting wise).

Skills / Experience
• Bookkeeping at a volunteer organisation or corporate level.
• Budgeting at a volunteer organisation or corporate level.

Please send your application to wa.member@ewb.org.au with CV and a short cover letter.

If you are interested in learning more, please consider joining us at our nEWBie Night on the 12th of June. More details can be found here: https://www.ewb.org.au/events/108/12954