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Our community shares values and vision, it is a growing movement of individuals and organisations committed to creating a better world. 

Engineers Without Borders Australia is a movement made up of a diverse community of volunteers, members, supporters, professionals and academics. We invite anyone who shares our values and beliefs to join with us. 


Become a member with EWB Australia 

EWB members are the life-blood of our community and determine the direction of our organisation. Share our values, become part of the EWB movement.

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GET Involved with us and have an impact

There are a number of ways you can be involved with EWB, from volunteering to participating in our programs. Find out how you can have an impact with EWB.

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Meet gavin blakey: humanitarian engineer 

After attending Link Festival, Gavin was inspired to learn more about EWB. The decision resulted in him spending a year in Cambodia and he now part of the EWB Board. 

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Luan first learned about EWB when he was studying first year engineering and has been a member and volunteer ever since.

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Read: The Power of our people

Our community is creating change in a number of diverse and vibrant ways, including helping refugees with digital access and inclusion. 

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National council 2016: a recap 

Each year we get together with our community to strategise, share ideas, learn and listen. Have a look our the impact of our 2016 National Council in Canberra.

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