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2016 Danny Award Recipients

EWB Leader & Mentor
- Alex Schemeczko
"Alex has been the President of the University of Adelaide Chapter for the past year, and was Vice President in the previous year. Alex has lead by example and devoted countless hours towards chapter planning, coordinating events and liaising with the state chapter. The remarkable development of the University of Adelaide Chapter over the past year would not have been possible without her, and her level of commitment towards EWB is the new standard in South Australia. Alex deserves to be recognised for the leadership she has demonstrated during her two years on the committee, and would be a worthy recipient of a Danny Award for Leadership and Mentoring."

Alex Schemeczko

EWB Influencer & Inspirer
- Luan Nguyen
Luan "is a true "engineer without borders". Touching EWB in so many ways and leaving his mark on not just one, but many, chapters (both within and across regions), this person means so much to EWB - and EWB means so much to him - that I almost didn't submit this nomination for fear of missing one of his many contributions! Whether he's starting up a new project like Spokes; nurturing a new uni chapter like Curtin; overseeing & setting new standards for Local Partnerships; lifting High School Outreach in the early days (and even publishing a manual on it); being an awesome VP even when he's based remotely; gathering & analysing member data for continuous improvement; mentoring & empowering individual vollies; applying for company grants; championing risk management; forging inter-regional friendships; putting his hand up to help; catering to gobsmacked audiences; and just being an outstanding coordinator & collaborator in general... the WA chapter truly believes that EWB just wouldn't be EWB without... Luan Nguyen!!!"

Luan Nguyen

EWB Humanitarian Engineer
- Shira Samocha

"Shira led the development of the Renewable Energy School Outreach module, researching and developing a cool and appropriate technological solution to assist module participants to understand the technical concepts via her Arduino programmed, wind power generator meter. She also contributed many great ways to explain technical concepts to ensure all students were included in the SO module. By providing novel learning experiences that reach wider audiences, she has increased knowledge of engineering within a broader community. She has also worked enthusiastically with the rest of the SO team to redesign the way SO is being run in NSW. We now have formalised structures for the ways volunteers get involved with SO and for how SO and Regioneering trips are run. The SO training sessions she has helped to initiate have empowered over 100 students and professionals to get involved with EWB, specifically in the SO program. The time and effort that Shira puts into any event she is part of organising is admirable."

Shira Samocha

EWB Achiever
- Priyani Madan

"Priyani continues to be an inspiration to the entire chapter by successfully and skilfully managing and growing SAlL-EWB partnership. she has forged strong community partnerships that has withstood the test of time. This has provided other local partnerships a working model to work towards and aspire to. 

Priyani Madan
2016 Danny Award Nominees
EWB Leader & Mentor:

Nominees in the EWB Leader & Mentor category will have some or all of the following attributes:
 -  Empowered members to joining the humanitarian engineering movement.
 -  Strengthened and created new the methods for the volunteers to contribute towards EWB’s mission and vision.
 -  Built upon the skills, experience, knowledge and diversity of the volunteers.
 -  Encouraged diversity (especially in age, experience, gender and ethnicity) within their community.
 -  Improved their chapters monitoring, evaluation and communication of their impact.
 -  Improved the efficiency, effectiveness & transparency of the chapter’s management systems.
 -  Integrated learning processes into the chapter, with the sharing of learnt lessons and failures.

  • Bronwyn Cameron
  • Emily Cox (VIC)
  • Carmel Dowsett (NSW)
  • Nick Grear (SA)
  • Francis Heil (VIC)
  • Zohreh Keshavarz (VIC)
  • Monica Laut (NSW)
  • Chloe Melitchey (WA)
  • Luan Nguyen (WA)
  • Jeremy Smith (ACT)

EWB Influencer & Inspirer:

Nominees for the EWB Influencer & Inspirer category will have some or all of the following attributes:
 -  Inspired, connected and empowered engineers to share the vision that “Every engineer can be an agent of change to create a just and sustainable society”.
 -  Mobilised engineers to play a leadership role in ending poverty and creating sustainable communities.
 -  Grown some of the supports that their chapter received.
 -  Increased and diversified the capability (skills, experience and knowledge) of their chapter.
 -  Leveraged meaningful volunteer opportunities to maximise the impact of their chapter.
 -  Repositioned the chapter’s resources and practices to increase their positive impact.
 -  Grown the recognition of EWB’s brand, as an organisation creating systemic change.
 -  Expand the EWB community and network of supports.

  • Emma Dade (WA)
  • Samithy Heng (NSW)
  • Andrew John (VIC)
  • Sarah McCarthy (SA)
  • Frankie Muskovic (NSW)
  • Clare Paynter (VIC)
  • Courtney Venn (VIC)
  • Angus, Cassie and the Appropriate Technology Team (NSW)

EWB Humanitarian Engineer:

Nominees in category of EWB Humanitarian Engineer will have some or all of the following attributes:
 -  Facilitated access to appropriate engineering solutions or appropriate technology for marginalised communities and people.
 -  Influenced the institutions they are involved in, to maximise positive social outcomes for their community through engineering solutions.
 -  Inspired members in the application of engineering and technology for positive social change.
 -  Promoted the culture of community-centred design and practice within their chapter.
 -  Celebrated the positive impact engineering has and can have on society.

  • Sandeep Grewal (WA)
  • Gabrielle McGill (NSW)
  • Michael Ridger & the WASH Team (NSW)
  • Becky Watts (ACT)

EWB Achiever:

Nominees for the EWB Achiever category generally live and breathe EWB, our values and vision and have made an outstanding contribution or achievement that contributes to the success of their chapter. This category has an internal focus, someone who is an all-rounder and is always there for the people and programs in their chapter.

  • Kelsie Clarke (WA)
  • Sam Cunningham-Nelson (QLD)
  • Carla Frankel (NSW)
  • Nada Kalam (VIC)
  • Angela Manchester (WA)
  • Katie Marshall (WA)
  • Margarita Moya (NSW)
  • Sam Newstead (VIC)
  • Sam Palmer (ACT)
  • UNSW School Outreach Team - Shira, Mel, Karats & Andy