EWB Overseas Placements

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EWB works in partnership with developing communities in Timor Leste, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, assisting them to gain access to the knowledge, resources and appropriate technologies they need to improve their livelihoods.

Meeting with Village Chief and representatives from Koh Taghor Tipi Village, Cambodia.

Photo: Matt Poole, EWB Field Volunteer at Rainwater Cambodia


Please see below for an overview of the positions and links to detailed position descriptions.

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Placements offer a range of opportunities and experiences for a variety of professionals. Volunteer placements vary from 12-24 months and volunteers are provided with a living allowance, flights, accommodation and support.

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Strategic Planning and Project Management Coordinator - Dili Institute of Technology

Dili, Timor Leste          12 months

Focusing on strategic planning, project management mentoring and industry liaison, strengthen the capacity of DIT to deliver civil engineering courses at an appropriate standard for graduates to meaningfully contribute to the sustainable development of Timor Leste.

Full Position Description HERE


Hydrology, Groundwater Recharge and Rainwater Harvesting Advisor - NEWAH

Bharatpur, Nepal          12 months 

Work with local staff in conducting hydrologic investigations, monitoring, design and implementation of the 3R approach. This includes decentralised technologies such as rainwater harvesting at the household scale, and retention and recharge techniques at the catchment-scale.

Full Position Description HERE



Climate Change Adaptation Advisor - NEWAH

Nepalgunj, Nepal          12 months

Support NEWAH through Phase 2 of their Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Mainstreaming Project, including finding ways to address the key technical and social Climate Change issues related to WASH, and testing the integration of community-based climate adaptation activities into the existing project cycle.

Full Position Description HERE


South Asia Field Officer - EWB

India or Nepal          18-24 months

The South Asia Field Officer will be responsible for supporting EWB field volunteers and community partners in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The FO will liaise with a range of other regional, international and local NGOs, explore new opportunities for EWB program development and monitor security concerns and volunteer well-being. You will also act as a vital link between EWB’s in country programs and a range of Australia based initiatives. 

Full Position Description HERE


Sanitation and Waste Management Technical Advisor - Live and Learn Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia          12-18 months

Assist Live and Learn staff to develop community-based sanitation, waste management and bio-energy systems in floating communities on the Tonle Sap lake, and contribute towards affordable, appropriate sanitation being accessible to floating and environmentally challenged communities in Cambodia.

Full Position Description HERE


Infrastructure Planning Advisor - Community Empowerment and Development Team

Phnom Penh, Cambodia          12 months

Work with the Community Empowerment and Development Team (CEDT) to strengthen urban poor communities to improve their housing conditions, security of tenure and ultimately realise their housing rights. You will assist with design, cost estimation and eventual construction of the housing resolution (upgrading, land-sharing, land readjustment, re-blocking of houses) and infrastructure plans in four communities in Battambang and four communities in Phnom Penh.

Full Position Description HERE

Water Resource Engineer and Coordinator (Irrigation, Flooding and Hydraulics) - Practical Action Sri Lanka

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka 6 months

Support PASLs  five year, multifaceted rural renewal project in the Tsunami, flood and conflict affected Eastern district of Sri Lanka by contributing to water resource management and hydrological understanding to improve water quantity and quality in the region.

Full Position Description HERE


Field Water and Sanitation Engineer - Habitat for Humanity Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam           12 months

Support Habitat Vietnam's Program Support & Innovation Department to review & assess the current Water and Sanitation situation, develop new typical models of WatSan solutions and especially, to assist in the development of new innovative WatSan projects in targeted areas in the Mekong region.

Full Position Description HERE


Rural Water Supply Technical Advisor - BESIK

Dili, Timor Leste          12 months

Work with BESIK's Rural Water Services team to provide mentoring and training to government District Water Supply Officers and Technicians. This mentoring and training will allow staff to effectively plan for and manage the construction of sustainable and well-maintained rural water systems in Timor-Leste.

Full Position Description HERE


Appropriate Housing Materials R&D - Community Housing

Dili, Timor Leste          12 months 

With the CHL team, undertake research and development into appropriate, locally available and manufactured building materials, to increase the quality and appropriateness of local housing and reduce its cost. 

Full Position Description HERE


WASH Field Support Officer - PLAN TL

Lospalos, Timor Leste,           12 months

Working in an isolated location in rural Timor Leste with Plan’s local NGO partner (Fraterna), build local capacity to undertake technical surveys, hydraulic analysis and quality construction works for both water supplies and sanitation facilities. Develop the pilot technologies already initiated in Lautem district (a rope pump and ram pump).

Full Position Description HERE


Civil Engineering Training and Staff Development Coordinator - Dili Institute of Technology

Dili, Timor Leste          12 months 

Focusing on technical training, laboratory establishment and teacher upskilling, strengthen the capacity of DIT to deliver civil engineering courses at an appropriate standard for graduates to meaningfully contribute to the sustainable development of Timor Leste.

Full Position Description HERE



Mechanical Engineer -  Agriculture Technology  - CCD

Madurai, India          12 months

Work with CCD to increase the production rate and quality of medicinal herbs processed by primary producer groups, by providing mechanical solutions at various points of the production cycle, namely cultivation, harvesting, post-harvesting and semi-processing.

Full Position Description HERE

Mining Engineer/Project Manager - Co-operative mining - Santulan

Pune, India          12 months

Support a life-changing initiative with Santulan and the Stone Quarry worker community by supporting an initiative that will lead to self-determination for some of India's most marginalised. Small scale, coo-operative stone quarries run as a social enterprise will reduce the exploitation many workers face in the current commercial environment and increasing the income for many who survive on less than $1 a day.

Full Position Description HERE