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• A rare opportunity to support and innovate the workings of a dynamic, membership-based NGO
• Join an evolving and inclusive not-for-profit team
• Mobilise and enable EWB’s volunteers, the face of the humanitarian engineering movement

About your role

EWB’s chapter and volunteer network is the face of the humanitarian engineering movement in Australia. This movement is now reaching critical mass and is poised to take a step forward in how it strengthens and supports communities across Australia and overseas. 

The Volunteer Outreach Lead is a catalyser and direct supporter of this movement. Your role as the key contact point between EWB Head Office and the Regions, will be to connect the dots between the two, addressing challenges and opportunities to innovate and improve. You’ll embed the importance and involvement of volunteers across EWB’s leadership and staff.  You’ll also advocate for and articulate the tangible impact developed in EWB’s chapters, to internal and external stakeholders.

A self-starter, you take pride in holding yourself accountable for your results. The Director of Australia Programs will fully empower you to oversee EWB’s volunteer program, providing you ‘light touch’ support as needed. A problem-solver, you love the nuts and bolts of volunteer coordination and can work at the micro and macro level when required. While you are certainly capable of strategising how EWB’s Regions build their effectiveness, your willingness to ‘do’ is crucial to your success.

Applying your leadership skills with your  volunteer management experience, you’ll collaborate with EWB’s staff and volunteers to skill-build and support EWB’s volunteer leaders in Australia. You’ll also provide the necessary communication, systems and resources for them to input effectively at a local level.

Your natural affinity for participatory leadership means you’ll drive EWB’s strategic thinking on our volunteer impact together with chapters, so we achieve our aims as ‘OneEWB’. You’ll also coach staff and chapter leadership to build the volunteer program and school outreach program financial sustainability.

Facilitation experience and your ability to enact participatory approaches with diverse stakeholder groups is key.  You may be required to lead ‘train the trainer’ sessions with volunteers and corporates, deliver outreach workshops with schools and broker new partnerships to innovate the program where appropriate.


Key Responsibility Areas

Volunteer engagement (40%) and School Outreach program support (40%)
  • Coach six Region chapter presidents, 15 University Chapter Presidents and chapter volunteers to:
  • design & deliver community-sensitive, human-centred, strategically aligned volunteer initiatives
  • monitor, evaluate, and improve their engagement with their local stakeholders, connecting them with National office relationship buiding initiatives when and where appropriate
  • develop an agreed financial model that ensures ongoing sustainability of a National Office support role and National volunteering events such as National Council, Executive Summits etc.
  • develop resources aligned toNational Standards for Best Practice in Volunteer Management
  • effectively manage changes in their communications, systems and structures
  • deliver high quality and appropriate School Outreach modules and programs around Australia
  • collaborate effectively to strengthen the organisation’s capability to be ‘OneEWB’
  • Oversee the delivery of EWB’s School Outreach program and how it engages with our local volunteers and corporate partners around Australia. Work with the Director of Education on their role of engaging external stakeholders to maximise program impact. 
  • Explore and agree with chapters and Regions how the management of EWB’s local partnerships and knowledge hubs best moves forward.
  • Maintain a strong chapter/ volunteer resource base: manage the My EWB volunteer portal (best practice in volunteer management and code of conduct), financial management systems, process and forms, fundraising (ideas, systems, policies), policy handbook, people management, communications, capability framework. 
  • Respond to Region and chapter support requests in a timely, appropriate way, ensuring the right internal stakeholders are engaged.
  • Oversee EWB’s volunteer program monitoring, evaluation, learning and improvement. Collate data and feedback, using this to maximise program effectiveness together with Regions and chapters.
  • Integrate chapter initiatives and knowledge into Salesforce with EWB’s Webmaster.


Event management, fundraising and business development (15%)
  • Manage key events that strengthen the volunteer movement – biannual Executive Summits, annual National Council/Conference, Staff engagement with chapter retreats, annual School Outreach training and quarterly School Outreach meetings, monthly Region President meetings, Annual National Volunteer Week celebrations, national volunteer day dates and participate in the Victoria or National Volunteering Conference. Plan and delegate activities with regions, chapters and staff as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with EWB’s Major Relationships Lead and key staff to build financial sustainability into EWB’s volunteer engagement mechanisms, such as School Outreach and National Council/ Conference. Spot sponsor and partnering opportunities; leverage EWB’s existing networks in the corporate, university and community development sectors to act on these.

Strategy and inter-program support (5%)
  • Contribute your insights to EWB’s Major Relationship Lead on opportunities and challenges of engaging with EWB’s volunteers, so this feeds into their development of EWB’s membership strategy.
  • Enable volunteer engagement opportunities in EWB’s National Programs to build tangible volunteer engagement pathways. Support programs in presentation delivery, human-centred design workshop facilitation and such activities, to leverage opportunities to engage local chapters.
  • Collaborate with the Australia Programs Lead to ensure clear lines of communication on volunteer and and local corporate engagement and partnership brokering development opportunities.
  • As appropriate, scope and redesign EWB’s volunteer engagement strategy, in collaboration with EWB’s board, staff, volunteers, chapters and key stakeholders.


Note: % breakdown is indicative so can change based on workplan, events and activities across the year


Full details can be found in the Position Description.

How to apply

Please submit a two page personal statement explaining how your values, knowledge, skills and experiences make you the perfect person for the role and how these will support EWB's next phase of development.

Include your CV (maximum 3 pages) with the contact details of 2 referees.

Send these two documents to:  recruitment@ewb.org.au

Applications close at 5.00PM AEST on Wednesday 19 July 2017.

EWB may contact strong applicants before this closing date, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible!