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This is an exciting new role for EWB, which will work to ensure that our community projects and programs are applying a robust and consistent solution development process, enabling access to appropriate, equitable and sustainable solutions.

This role will lead the refinement of EWB’s humanitarian engineering solution development process. This process will be a key mechanism for EWB’s Community Development Program and will be used to leverage a wide range of mechanisms inside and outside the organisation to develop and deliver impactful solutions.

EWB Australia currently focuses on a core set of thematic and cross cutting themes including: WASH, Energy, Build Environment and Inclusive Design. This role is expected to intersect with all of these areas.

The solutions this role will support could come in a number of different forms and will not necessarily be technology centric. Potential solutions could include guidance or policy documentation; bespoke pieces of engineering infrastructure; systems and processes and/or products.

This role will not only look at the development of the solutions themselves but also how they could be implemented to achieve the most impact through appropriate and sustainable scaling. One such mechanism will involve the exploration of social enterprise.

As with all sustainable solutions, it will be essential to stregnthen local capacity, establish accessible supply chains and develop maintenance structures.

The Solution Development Lead will work closely with the Head of Community Programs and the Head of Education and Research and the Technical Advisors and Program Support personnel in all of EWB’s offices.

Key responsibilities will include:

1. Ensure EWB Australia has a validated solutions development process to enable appropriate, equitable and sustainable solutions to have impact in communities in challenging environments.

2. Ensure that sustainable implementation mechanisms are identified and included in any solution development process.

3. Ensure all projects are community driven and align with EWB Australia’s approaches and values.

4. Ensure key stakeholders are able to adapt and implement the process to ensure its contextual relevance and the production of consistent results.

5. Ensure the solution development process has a staged monitoring and evaluation system that is align with EWB Australia’s Impact Framework to inform continual improvement and measure outcomes in community.

For more information about the role and to view the selection criterion, please see the detailed Position Description

Applications close - 5.00PM AEST on Monday, 7th January 2019