Our members and volunteers are at the heart of everything EWB Australia does!

The 'Shout Out of Thanks' campaign asked members to nominate those who demonstrated outstanding dedication and effort towards an EWB volunteering activity, event or initiative or who's given time and effort supporting EWB Australia in achieving its vision and mission.

As part of National Volunteer Week 2016, EWB Australia would like to celebrate the generous contribution our volunteers and members make to create positive change.  

The Shout Outs received over the past 2 weeks are just a small snapshot of our wider community of volunteers however they do highlight the diversity of our community and celebrates their passion, knowledge and commitment to EWB Australia.  

EWB Australia gives a big 'Shout Out of Thanks' to the volunteers listed below for their amazing contribution and also thank those who nominated them.




You've been nominated for a 2016 'Shout Out of Thanks' …!

Aboriginal Advisory Committee
Andrew Lane
Arabella Douglas
John Briggs
Steven Adams



For sharing a diverse set of skills,  experience and knowledge with EWB Australia and its community

EWB Board
Phil Clark (Chair)
Catherine Pepper
Corrine Wallis
Gavin Blakey
Lexi Randall L'Estrange
Mike Shewan
Peter Bowtell
Stephen May
Sarah Matthee




For your time, leadership and commitment in bringing a diverse set of skills and experience, and unwavering passion for creating change through humanitarian engineering

EWB International Field Volunteers in Cambodia, Vietnam and Timor-Leste
Vlasta Jeftic
Fraser Goff
Shaun Azzopardi
Ali Saikal
Jeremy Bean-Hodges
Becky Watts
Meghan Williams
Ben Garnock
Lachlan Harris
Ajay Chouhan
Vanh Mixap
Julie Hamilton
Nick Boerema


The team demonstrate their professionalism and strong work ethics through the energy and focus they put into each of their placements and projects.  They are regularly pushing the boundaries of not only quality of work, but also ensuring they are conducting their work with a strong people and community centered focus.  It is inspiring to see the outcomes each of them are achieving with their partner organisations and counterparts.  Well done to each and every one of them!

Corporate Galvanisers


  For supporting integral partnerships with businesses all around Australia and engaging and inspiring a community of professionals to be involved in creating positive change.

EWB Professional Members


  For being advocates and supporters of EWB, influencing companies from within  to create change.
Region Chapter Presidents   Presidents and their executive committees, work tirelessly to lead, inspire and drive EWB's global movement through the chapters.  The Presidents work wonderfully as a supportive network, that collaborate, share and celebrate each regions successes and lessons learnt from their activities which in turn builds the strength of the members in their communities.

Alex Warren



Alex was a key organiser of the UNSW regioneering trip in November 2015 resulting in a formative experience for the 16 EWB members who attended the trip, many of whom are now taking on leadership roles this year within the UNSW Chapter. Additionally, over 50 school classes were reached with as yet unquantifiable positive outcomes. Thank you for your maturity in keeping everyone safe throughout the trip and engaged in the business of humanitarian engineering.

Anna Cain  

- For her tireless efforts in indigenous programmes, sourcing funding for regioneering program, building relationships and partnerships with like-minded organisations and for raising the profile of EWB through those.
- For her clear vision on how engineering can be part of a more sustainable and inclusive world. She works hard to foster clear ideas with those around her vision for the world; she is only willing to accept roles in industries she is passionate about and she helps others question what they want to do to help them define roles that are more sustainable.

Bronwyn Cameron  

For persevering with the buddy programme, listening, shaping and coaching past and new volunteers

Carla Frankel  

For her contribution to the Aptech challenge in 2015 and for reshaping EWB at Unsw, turning it from a small society with a lack of direction into a large society with a purpose and dedicated volunteers working on projects with real impact.

Carmel Dowsett  

- Carmel has been NSW treasurer for almost two years. She has conducted her duties quietly but diligently, producing cool graphs and approving expenditure to support excellent NSW programs. She also coordinates with the university chapters to ensure smooth integration with the region and national finances.
- Carmel has done a great job behind the scenes arranging fundraising activities such as our City 2 Surf team. Thank you Carmel, your efforts do not go unnoticed and the region is better for having you involved.

Casey Magee  

For your work in improving relations with corporates.

Charlotte Wesley  

When she runs events like trivia and link fest Charlotte works with so many new volunteers, she is willing to help them and act as a referee.

Frankie Muskovic  

- Frankie - love what she has done increasing the strength of the Corporate Partner networks. I still remember the first time that Frankie spoke about her vision for #probono connect. She spoke about what the event would look like in five years and I was blown away by her plan to make EWB big!
- For your work in improving relations with corporates.

Gabrielle McGill  

- Gabrielle truly lives the attributes of a Humanitarian Engineer. As region president, Gab has demonstrated this in the way she supports others to do things their own way. She has led the NSW region with panache, encouraging members to be full agents in EWB's programs and developing and maintaining a platform for the region to collaborate with NSW chapters, EWB head office and even other organisations.
- On a personal note, Gab provided me with the support during the planning stage of regioneering that made the trip such a success. Her help in putting together the tender, coordinating with SO at other unis and getting me to consider every detail of the trip helped me a lot in planning what was quite a difficult event.

Jisun Chang  

- For her enthusiastic promotion of EWB at USyd. Reminder to talk to Emily and Sophie to get more detail about her work last year.  
- She has a great pitch for EWB and passionate about expanding our profile on campus (as one of the chapter's current Member Engagement coordinators) and local schools (one of last year's SO coordinators).

Leon Ross  

For his contribution in implementing EWB's Engineering on Country program in NSW region. Leon delivering EWB School Outreach to 120 students at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Maths Alliance's inaugural STEM Camp in Dubbo. Thanks Leon!

Margarita Moya  

- For her fantastic contribution as facilitator of 'Leadership Rewired' - enhancing the program delivery and mentoring EWB Challenge scholars in leadership & engineering for social change. Great job Margarita!
- for being there in the background always willing to help out and for understanding that fundraising needs to be a part of the picture
- Margarita is constantly looking for ways to connect EWB to bigger picture things including nominating Lizzie for the 100 Women of influence.

Matt Imhoff  

- For having had his fingers in all the different EWB pies. Working to redefine engineering from all angles. 
- for embracing Teamwork software
- For being the key to the development of EWB NSW's training program and has done great things in member engagement. Spearheading the region's EWB 101 program, he is building a culture of comprehension around development. Thanks Matt!

Michael Ridger  

Michael and the WASH team have never felt limited by being away from where the "action" is in our international development programs. His support for the Buddy Program, and new initiatives like the Mapathon give us a great example about how we can contribute to change from right here in Sydney.

Monica Laut  

Alex and Monica was key organisers of the UNSW regioneering trip in November 2015 resulting in a formative experience for the 16 EWB members who attended the trip, many of whom are now taking on leadership roles this year within the UNSW Chapter. Additionally, over 50 school classes were reached with as yet unquantifiable positive outcomes. Thank you Alex and Monica for your maturity in keeping everyone safe throughout the trip and engaged in the business of humanitarian engineering.
- For running the society's finances, helping plan events and helping organise SO. Monica had a hand in pretty much everything going on at EWB UNSW and took a huge burden off planning regioneering with all of her help.

Natalie Tridgell  

Her continued involvement even after changing to IT was a beautiful example of showing that social change is the goal where engineers and non-gineers can work together

Rod Towner  

for being a model humanitarian engineer. Someone that combines a professional career with volunteering (RedR post with WHO).

Ruby Wang  

Her collaboration with the USYD marketing department and Engineers Australia last year greatly expanded our on-campus experiences for vollies and our reach to more school students.

Sam Johnson  

Sam is the NSW region Secretary. He has helped reestablished the role of Secretary to assist the region organisationally to support the work we do. He ensures everyone has access to ewb exec meetings and sends out minutes in a timely fashion. He has also been an early adopter of Team Work, the newish project management application. Thanks for keeping the region humming along Sam!
- For the hard graft of minuting, communicating and sharing information with a diverse bunch of people.

Samithy Heng  

Sam's calm and humble approach to the work he does is an inspiration. He has been involved in some capacity with EWB for years, never actively promoting himself but always demonstrating the core values of EWB by example. He participates in numerous organisations other than EWB, growing his circle of influence and inspiring a wider community. Sam is currently the EWbuts ATSI Coordinator and is in the process of planning our first Regioneering trip in November 2016. Sam has also just completed a Design Summit trip to India.

Shira Samocha  

Shira Samocha (current EWB UNSW Vice-President). At the end of last year, Shira led a group of UNSW students to create and build the Renewable Energy School Outreach module, which was very successful at the UNSW Regioneering trip in November and which continues to be used. She was instrumental in bringing it about and introducing a new module which could be directly related to by students in the western NSW communities which were visited, as they could see the focus of the module (wind turbines) in their areas. This year she has also, with the help of the UNSW School Outreach team, brought about a change to the system of School Outreach in Sydney, where volunteers must attend a half-day of training before being able to attend a School Outreach session. This will help to streamline the process of communication between universities and organisation of School Outreach presentations, providing better experiences for schools which EWB visits, allowing EWB to reach more classes and improving volunteer experiences.

Suzanne Mustafa  

Suzanne has been a fantastic mentor for me over the past few years. She is another quiet, soft-spoken character who has much wisdom. Previously, she was responsible for reinvigorating the EWB UTS chapter and is currently working on the SAIL partnership.

NSWApp Tech Team   

App tech team - I thought this contest was a great way to think about solutions for social change. I loved that involved people from the hubs and the unis. Well done!!!

Leila Macadam  

Working tirelessly with love and enthusiasm on the inception, promotion, facilitation and follow up of the first EWB Water Professionals Study Tour in Cambodia.

Peggy Gusah  

- Crafting wonderful stories about EWB's work, saying 'yes' to any task we need help with, and bringing an energy and professionalism beyond her years - thank you Peggy, your help has been invaluable - please come back soon!
- Peggy saved FutureLink Sydney at the last minute this year! She stepped away from her important role at Link Festival to help call schools in Sydney to get them on board for FutureLink Sydney, and without her we would not have had a successful event!

Ash Ellis  

Stepping up into the Co-Vice President position while also holding the Co-Events Coordinator position. In her roles Ash has shown great enthusiasm and led the organisation of chapter events such as the end of year celebration in 2015.

Becky Watts  

Doing an epic job implementing solar systems in Cambodia while working with us back home to set up the ACT Chapter's first Buddy Program initiative. Thanks Becky!

Brock Holland  

Doing an awesome job organising the beginnings of the ACT Chapter's first Buddy Program initiative.

Clare Idriss  

Doing an awesome job leading the team looking at researching and organising the ACT Chapter's first industry night.

Conor Rossiter  

Stepping up to the Co-Vice President and Co-Events coordinator roles, Conor has shown great interest and enthusiasm in engaging new volunteers through exciting projects, which he has taken the lead on.

Corinne Wallis  

Being awesome by raising $2,000 for EWB by participating in the Canberra Marathon. In addition to this Corinne has been an important driver for the chapter to increase our professional engagement.

Courtney Dunn  

Doing a great job in organising the ACT Chapter's finances and investigating new fundraising ideas through her role as the treasurer.

Jeremy Smith  

The ACT Region Chapter would not have been able to survive all of these years without Jeremy's continuing support and encouragement. He is always keen to get the chapter engaged and spread the important message of humanitarian engineering.

Sam Palmer  

The incredible amount of work done towards the continuing success of the Schools Outreach program in the ACT and surrounding region. When faced with the loss of ANU Equity, Sam managed to step up and find a way to make the program stronger than ever.

Tash Anderson  

Taking the initiative to step up into the Social Media role and doing an epic job!

John French  

Supporting the establishment of EWB Connect. John's contribution to the design and review of EWB Connect systems and processes is really important. His general advice and feedback is also much appreciated.

Aubin Guillemoto  

Aubin has volunteered many hours of the past 6 months assisting with the risk management system. Aubin successfully led the creation and roll out of a new incident reporting system significantly stream lining the process

Michael Fairley  

We'd like to thank Michael Fairley for great work on the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.

Alana McDonald  

Alana volunteers her time supporting a range of EWB Connect activities. In particular, her research work with Us and the ACCSR has been very valuable.

Patrick Pleta  

Patrick volunteers his time with me as an office vilunteer, as well as the RMIT Chapter committee. He is undertaking desktop research on engineering companies for our work with ACCSR. He supports EWB Connect and is always super cheerful

Amira Haruwarta  

Amira has been a godsend, and has become our go to graphic designer, all while asking nothing of us in return. Not only does Amira contribute greatly to the EWB mission by helping us create professional quality communications and design.

Alana Scott  

Alana's dedication towards the EWB movement which spans many years and in particular her inspiration to students who undertake High School Outreach modules and commitment towards developing the next generation of EWB volunteers.

Fran Curran  

We'd like to thank Fran Curran for her enthusiasm, inspiration and leadership in her role as President of the QLD Regional chapter and for her great work on the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.

Geraldine  Terada-Bellis  

Thanks for organising all the monthly meetings and being so flexible. Loving your "no job too small" attitude.

Robbie Goedecke  

exemplifying the role of Qld Galvanizer. Robbie's perspective is sought after by many - his pragmatic approach belies a wonderful knowledge of volunteer management. Further, Robbie is a great connector - we so value the time he gives to EWB.

Chelsea Hayward  

An incredible amount of effort into the logistics and communications in organising the QLD SO Regioneering Trip. Chelsea has incredible perseverance, meticulous project management skills and is a passionate and dedicated volunteer on the road!

Irina Halmagiu  

We'd like to thank Irina for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival and Future Link 2016.

Jeff McAllister  

We'd like to thank Jeff for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016.
- For being a core part of the EWB family over the past 18 months. It's been amazing to watch you grow and develop as an Australian, writer, photographer and find your groove in Melbourne. I hate to think where we would be without you. You're a superstar

John Milas  

We'd like to thank John for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016.

Julianna Rozek  

Julianna was a spectacular summer intern in the national office working on School Outreach! She laid the foundation for us to map our programs to the Australian National Curriculum, and brought our office plants back to life!

Lucille Gusah  

Link Festival, professionally executed cold calling, partnership documentation, logistics planning and more - Lulu does it all with aplomb. We know she will be an incredible asset to any workplace lucky enough to employ her. Thanks Lulu!!!

Osta Surjadi  

We'd like to thank Osta for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016 and work with our international team.

Raph Lloyd  

We'd like to thank Raph for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016 and with our finance team
- Plunging headfirst into the turbulent waters of Accounts and carefully guiding Payables to safer waters. Raph is a positive, enthusiastic member of the EWB team and a thorough recipient of a Shout Out!

Rocianne Danani  

Rocianne has done some amazing research which has opened up the field of sanitation in challenging environments. This has supported our field team and has been conducted completely in a volunteer capacity.

Ryan Tay  

We'd like to thank Ryan for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016.

Shruti Pal  

We'd like to thank Shruti for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016.

Talia Rose  

Talia is a superstar! She headed up and organised a series of complex and visionary Regioneering trips in Queensland, having an impact on over 3000 young people! Part of that effort also took EWB to the Torres Strait Islands to deliver school outreach

Sarah Mccarthy  

For organising the entire University of Adelaide Trip to Alice Springs with the Google Love Grant

Andrew Garfield  

Andrew was an incredible asset to the events team in 2015 - he went out of his way to ensure tasks were done, was incredibly reliable, and had an awesome attitude. The trivia night wouldn't have happened without him!

Clare Paynter  

We'd like to thank Clare for her time and enthusiasm; she is a great team player, always willing to support others. Her determination to deliver engaging and fun events to the region, and aligning to EWB's strategy, make her an invaluable team member

Elyse Green  

We'd like to thank Elyse for her commitment and drive to finding new ways the Vic Region can improve engagement with corporate partners. Her willingness to support, when requests for CPs are made, is wonderful. Overall, she is great to work with.

Nada Kalam  

We'd like to thank Nada for the time and energy she gives for EWB. Nada's active engagement on multiple levels within the region is inspiring, and she always brings her experience and knowledge to offer thoughtful advice. Nada is an absolute star!

Natasha Bartholomeusz   We'd like to thank Natasha Bartholomeusz for great work on the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.
Phi Do  

Phi is incredibly passionate about EWB School Outreach and continues to coordinate it on a regional level even though he's finished uni. He is fantastic to work with and cares about making the program the best it can possibly be (and look!). Thanks!
- We'd like to thank Phi for his continuous time, enthusiasm and energy. Not only does he support the School Outreach program's continued growth and reach, but Phi is always willing to help out when he sees an opportunity. Phi is wonderful to work with

Talal Al-Aryan  

We'd like to thank Talal for fantastic support as one of our core volunteers throughout Link Festival 2016


Zoe Kwak  

We'd like to thank Zoe for her time and enthusiasm in engaging with the community. Zoe's passion for her role is inspiring, and no doubt passes on to the people she presents to. With Zoe's strong capability, we can't wait to grow member engagement!

Grace Cannon  

supporting our national office staff members and showing up every day with energy and a smile!

Aidan Johnson  

making WA shine on the treasury and finance stage. You shine in the eyes of all of us, Aidan! Thank you for your meticulous approach, thoughtfulness, dependability and willingness to lend a hand in any situation.

Alec Jones  

All things EWB at ECU and beyond, and the earnestness, passion and good humour that you bring which makes you such fun to work with. You have a golden heart and it shows, so let it shine!

Ali Sivandi  

LTT through thick and thin! You're a valued EWB member and we love having you a part of the community. Thanks for your long, dedicated service and ever smiling face!

Andrew Perren  

everything that is great about EWB WA. We love you to pieces, Andrew, and you'll always be a part of this chapter... or is that "region"?!

Angela Manchester   developing a new and promising event with incredible confidence and enthusiasm.
Austin Shen  

Schools Outreach and all its associated adventures. You're someone I trust and admire, and whom other vollies also respect and love. Thanks for being a friend to all, Austin!

Brian Caceres  

WASH in the past couple of years. You've been a strong leader and voice for the importance of knowledge hubs. Thanks for standing up for what matters and running a leet team. Fight on in the good fight! Your extensive involvement with EWB is great.

Bryn Durrans  

LTT as a consistent and committed member, as well as an all-around lovely member of our EWB crew and prospectively great LTT co-coordinator. It is great having you part of the family and I look forward to more wonderful initiatives with you and EWB!

Caitlyn Toogood  

running the slick ship that is the Curtin chapter and generally being just an awesome gal who gets things done and treats people, always, with respect and a light touch. What a leader. Hats off to you, Toogood!

Chloe Mellitchey  

ECU, the most exciting thing in the world of EWB WA since sliced... pancakes. Not just a pretty face, you are a driven, determined, energetic, intelligent and kind young woman. Thanks for the special touch you bring, Chloe!

Dave Martin  

We'd like to thank Dave Martin for great work chairing the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.

Emma Dade  

everything you do with EWB, not least LTT! You've got the golden touch (everything you do seems to flourish) maybe because it comes from a golden heart! I look forward to more EWBing, crafting & hanging out with you. Thanks for being so special.

James Que Zheng  

the Events team and all the extra connections & links that you broker, off your own back, that takes EWB further, starts conversations, and makes every group you touch better for it. Thanks for being so dependable, James, and the initiative you show.

Jason Lu  

investing and believing in REKH, plus all your work with LTT and being a long-time, much-loved EWB member. Thank you for your commitment and kind ways, Jason!

Joseph John  

keeping the faith in REKH and leading a team with such willingness, stoicism and openness. I applaud the work that you've done and look forward to working further with you. Thanks for always staying true to your intent to "engineer a better world"!

Kaleesha Ball  

taking events at EWB WA to a height they've never scaled before. Maybe it takes a non-gineer to bring that spark to our calendar & fundraising, or maybe it's because Kaleesha is as awesome as a mango on a summer's day! Thanks for raising the bar.

Katie Marshall  

the Curtin chapter and beyond. Your positivity, energy and tireless work is an inspiration to behold, and I thank you so much for the commitment, passion, good sense and attention to quality that you bring to EWB WA.

Kelsie Clarke  

everything EWB: corporate, events & beyond. I can see that you live and breathe the values and mission of EWB and as a result, your passion is infectious and your efforts achieve the outstanding. I can't imagine an EWB - or WA chapter - without you!
- We'd like to thank Kelsie Clarke for great work on the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.
- bringing an incredible amount of energy to the WA Galvanizer role. Kelsie is a networker, a connector, a mentor and so much more. We so appreciate all of the time that Kelsie gives to EWB - she is an absolute asset of the WA chapter! Thanks Kelsie!!

Kelvin Liu  

the Roelands partnership and flying the flag for ATSI among our WA crew. You're a stalwart EWB member, and I enjoy every moment working with you on this movement that we believe in to engineer a better world - project by project, bit by bit!

Kim Axworthy  

EWB, in WA & beyond! You're an invaluable rock for our chapter. Countless members not only rely on your wise counsel, guidance & EWB knowledge but look up to you as a person. I certainly do; thanks so much for all that you bring to my EWB experience.

Luan Nguyen  

your expansive, limitless contribution to EWB. You are truly the "volunteer without borders" and it warms my heart, takes my breath away and impresses the bejesus out of me to see you work across different teams, chapters & projects. You are a star!

Matthew Graham  

LTT and the awesomeness that we've seen the team achieve over the past year or so. It's been a treat having your smiling face and upbeat presence at WA meetings - and even more, an ongoing pleasure to have you as LTT co-coordinator. Thank you, Matt!

Michelle Foo  

the epic UWA chapter which is such a pillar of our WA regional group. Your thoughtfulness, consideration, honesty, determination & kindness make you a joy to work with. You inspire so many with your passion and gentle but firm approach to leadership.

Min Hamid  

ATSI reconciliation and your thoughtful, easy-going, fun and focussed approach to improving awareness of Aboriginal culture among our group. I admire your style and thank you for shining a light on this important part of us all being EWB volunteers!

Olivia d'Arrigo  

making such a bright and promising start to leading the Grants & Treasury team - and quite simply being a cooperative, inclusive, kind and competent team player whom I'm delighted to have as a part of EWB WA. Thank you for your efforts so far!

Ray Tsang  

overseeing the smooth and thriving operation of Spokes. You've been instrumental in developing a program that not only benefits the SAIL kids and Spokes volunteers but is looked upon with pride, fondness and awe by EWB WA volunteers more broadly.

Sandeep Grewal  

the integral part that you've played (and play) in making WASH the active and valuable knowledge hub that it is. You keep the ball rolling no matter the terrain, and that momentum inspires all of us - the WASH group and beyond. Thank you.

Sharath Vijayananda  

the many parts of EWB that receive the honour of your attention, passion & meticulous work. You're a talented individual with a warm heart, sparkling ideas & high ideals. You'll always be welcome at EWB - with no expectation, only appreciation.

Sharath Sharma  

support and ideas of WA events. Sharath is incredibly dedicated to his roles with EWB including the digital media, photography, and promotion of our recent events.

Thomas Fay  

the UWA chapter and the energetic, competent and easy-going vibe you bring to being a volunteer. It is always a pleasure working with you and I marvel from afar. Thank you for all the work that you do and the great approach you take to doing it!

Tim Hickmott  

the website being at least twice as awesome now as it was when you first stepped into the role - not to mention, conferring on WA the most amusing position name ("website curator") & being a generally awesome, smiling, supportive presence in EWB!

Vannessa Kay  

your warm interaction with all of our EWB volunteers. I know that you'll shine as our social media manager because your natural kindness, warmth and generosity touches everyone around you. If anyone can share our stories so earnestly, you can!

WA Region Leadership and Training Team
Alex  Duhig 
Ali Sivandi
Bryn Durrans
Jason Lu
Matthew Graham
Rahul Das
Ted Roper

We'd like to thank the WA Region Leadership and Training Team for the time, energy, effort and commitment they have put towards sharing and motivating the WA Region to learn more, develop their skills and be more effective in the work that we do.




Angus Mitchell  

Angus Mitchell and Cassie Murphy For the Apptech Contest which brought together students from three universites, and professional mentors

Bhagya Menikdiwela  

being a committed, outstanding intern that goes above and beyond with all tasks. Bhagya approaches anything the way he approaches everything - with sass, confidence and perfection. You are appreciated :)

Cassie Murphy  

Angus Mitchell and Cassie Murphy For the Apptech Contest which brought together students from three universites, and professional mentors

Georgia Bertram  

In her short time as an active member Georgia has done a fantastic job promoting EWB opportunities within her workplace and getting her co-workers at AECOM involved in EWB's activities.

Luke Weatherstone  

Luke was an early adopter of platforms like Teamwork and has used them effectively to share his plans for UTS and bring others on board.

Ryan Capra  

We'd like to thank Ryan Capra for great work reviewing applications on the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.

Yee Ling Low  

We'd like to thank Yee Ling Low for great work reviewing applications on the 2015 Challenge Scholarship Selection panel.