The value of joining as an EWB Australia member
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EWB Australia is a member-based, community organisation with over 13 years of experience creating social value through engineering. We work to build knowledge and capacity in our community partners to provide access to water, sanitation and hygiene, appropriate housing, clean energy, and digital technology.


EWB Australia, has 21 chapters around Australia and over 3000 members and friends!
We encourage our volunteers and supporters to join as a member of EWB Australia to not only show your support, but also benefit from the following:

Build your humanitarian engineering pathway
Paid members can have your humanitarian competencies and engagement tracked through your membership profile.

Increase your network
EWB Australia members consist of over 3000 professionals and students that share common values and purpose

Have access to more volunteering and professional development opportunities
Priority is given to EWB Australia members to participate in volunteering opportunities at National Office and in our programs.  These are shared through direct emails to members each month.

Raise your profile
EWB volunteers and members that do amazing things and support EWB are often celebrated in our comms and media.

Be a future International Field Professional
Long term EWB Australia membership is a valuable attribute we look for when recruiting International Field Professionals.

Be a Design Summit Facilitator
Long term EWB Australia membership and active leadership is a valuable attribute we look for when recruiting Design Summit Mentors

EWB Australia members are highly sought after from the industry
We know that EWB Australia members are highly sought after as employees by our corporate partners and large engineering/professional services firms.  We will soon have a member only access job portal for employment opportunities also!

Participate in Chapter Programs
To participate in some of our chapter activities it is a requirement for volunteers to become EWB Australia members.

Discounts to events
EWB Australia members receive discounted tickets to some chapter, National and industry partner events

-Demonstrate your support for diversity in the engineering profession
Be an ambassador for change!

Join the Movement!  Become a member today!