National Volunteer Week 2018  "Shout Out"!

EWB is powered by the contribution, commitment, and enthusiasm of many incredible and inspiring people who volunteer their skills, time and passion to champion EWB's mission and vision and help deliver positive social change.

Through chapter leadership, programs and activities around Australia, on field professional placements working with community partners in Cambodia, Timor Leste and Vanuatu, and at EWB's national office - volunteers lead, innovate, influence, inspire and continue to grow a movement of people determined to share engineering knowledge and skills to give everyone access to lives of opportunity.

During National Volunteer Week 21-27 May 2018, EWB Australia  recognises, celebrates and thanks our amazing volunteers.



A huge shout out to all our volunteers! EWB Australia is a member-based organisation and our volunteers enable positive social impact in Australia and the Asia Pacific!

The people below have been nominated by their peer to help us celebrate their contribution to humanitarian engineering through EWB Australia!

List is ordered group nominations followed by individuals in alphabetical order. Make sure you check out the Ws as well as the As. 


2017-18  Summer Volunteers Omer, Wenqian, Serena, Julian, Michelle, David, Nikita and Prince! Thanks for spending your summer with EWB staff at National Office and supporting the work of staff and chapters! What a great bunch of humanitarian engineers!
Chapter  Treasurers Commitment and diligence! Extremely important attributes of a sustainable and best practice outfit. And these words describe you! Thanks for enabling our chapters to achieve great thing in a financially prudent way!
Connectivity Coordinators  For their work in stabilising USYD's partnership with the Newtown Asylum Seeker Centre. For running Connectivity like a well-oiled machine and ensuring that students are maximising their impact.
Corporate  Galvanisers For facilitating our corporate partners to engage with EWB and humanitarian engineering opportunities. Thanks for helping make systemic change within the engineering profession. 
Engineering On Country Knowledge Hub Angie (chair), Alan (secretary), Leon (NSW), Min (WA), Claire (Vic), Tosh (Vic) and all your teams locally! Thanks for your passion and work in creating an engineering sector that is committed to reconciliation. You keep community at the centre of everything you do and facilitate experiences and training for engineers to help create a more diverse engineering sector. Thanks for your leadership and perseverance. 
EWB's Board  EWB's Board of Directors invest an extensive amount of personal time and energy into their roles as Directors, to support the CEO, staff and members to achieve the 2020 aims whilst balancing the governance of a multitude of challenges such as the organisational budgets, risks, and people's wellbeing. Thank you to each of the Board members who invest themselves wholeheartedly to support EWB Australia.
EWB's International Field Professionals  It's very important to share the knowledge with local community and help to improve people's lives there.

It's not easy to live in a total different environment. Passion, the sense of responsibility, and love for the people integrate the team to work together.

Not only the engineering side, people also understand each other currently. It reduces hatred, predudice; it creates common ground; it brings understanding that our lives, our environment, our societies are connected with each other.
EWB's International Field Professionals  Shout out to our International Field Professionals who are each in their own way supporting the strengthening of the local engineering/technical sectors to improve access to basic and appropriate infrastructure and services such as clean water supply, sanitation, energy, accessible transport etc. A massive thank you for their passion, hard work and long term dedication to their volunteer placements over 12-18 months. 
Local Partnerships  Knowledge Hub Krutika, Alice, Julian, Luke, Christian, Fergus, Emily, Arshiya, Athiya, Aaron, Patrick, Stephan, Jono, Michael and Shafique! Thanks team! Long term, equitable partnerships is one of EWB's core development principles and you are facilitating this within our chapter network in Australia. Thanks for continuing to collaborate between chapters and institutionalise learning and knowledge in this space. And putting community at the centre of your work with EWB. 
Mecca Mpower Project Team  A big thank you to all those in the NSW Region who have helped on various components of the Mecca M-Power Project. Volunteers from the university chapters as well as professionals members have helped to develop and trial a new suite of resources for the School Outreach program. The new resources are tailored to different groups, including females and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and aim to inspire the next generation of diverse STEM professionals.
Member Engagement  Coordinators Thanks for supporting our members in our chapters and enabling them to contribute to EWB's vision and mission. 
UNSW Chapter Co-Presidents Nathan and Anand definitely live EWB's approach to connecting people to have greater positive impact. They have sought out collaborators from our corporate partners for their initiatives and are further looking to connect with other EWB program areas through joining the knowledge hubs. I'm looking forward to seeing what future collaborations can do!
NSW Inter-Uni Design Corner Team  NSW Inter-uni Design Corner team 2018, for their work in organising the highly successful design corner competition which enabled University students to better understand human centered design.
Region Presidents Del, Matt, Charlene, Kelsie, Chloe, Ali, Sam! You keep it all going locally in our chapters playing many different roles as EWB Ambassadors, advisors, mentors, project managers, risk champions, motivational speakers, partnership brokers, educators and humanitarian engineers!
Thanks for your efforts inspiring and mobilising EWB's membership across Australia. 
Region Secretaries To our chapter secretaries, quiet achievers and enablers of our chapter impact. Thanks for your work behind the scenes and the commitment you show to meaningful admin. We couldn't do it without you!
Region  VPs Hey Region VPs, you're Jacks of all Trades supporting our members across Australia to redefine engineering as a community-centred profession and build a community and culture of passion, purpose and impact. Thanks for everything you do!
School Outreach  Coordinators School Outreach Coordinators across Australia enable EWB to reach thousands of school students and redefine engineering a career with social impact. This is inspiring a more diverse, inclusive and passionate engineering industry, a crucial ingredient to solving emerging global challenges! Thanks team!
Technical Knowledge Hub Matt, Jono, Becky, Francis, Cameron, Bron and Andreas! Thanks for your commitment to developing community-centred engineering knowledge to support our community partners. 
University Chapter  Presidents Thanks for your leadership and commitment to embedding community in engineering and inspiring emerging industry leaders to connect their heart to their professional practice through humanitarian engineering. Amazing!
UQ Regioneering Coordinator Team  Chloe and Sofie have worked tirelessly on our upcoming winter and summer regioneering trips! 
UQ School Outreach Coordinators  Tsong and Mark have worked tirelessly in continuing the huge success of our UQ School Outreach initiatives! 
USyd Chapter's SO Coordinators  For Jeffrey Zhou and Bella Juria for expanding USYD SO, ensuring all events are superbly planned and for consistently striving to be "more excellent". Under their leadership, applications for Winter Region were up 50% in 2018 vs 2017. Under their leadership we hosted a training day of 50+ students (significantly more than an average of circa 15-20 in previous years).
Ahsin Waris It's been great having Ahsin on the UQ team and his contributions to this year's Careers Night have lead to it being a huge success! 
Alec Jones Thanks to Alec, national council will be held in WA for the first time ever! He is a very dedicated EWBer and we are grateful that he is part of the WA team!
Ali Stoakley Ali, you have been a superstar coordinating EWB Challenge over the last year! I continue to hear about the incredible impact of the EWB Challenge from those who've been a part it and your continued positivity while leading one of our flagship programs is a true asset to the organisation. Thank you. 
Anna Cain Anna is 'dedication' in human form. She's recently joined EWB staff team following many years with NSW region chapter, raises EWB's profile as a well respected member of the renewable energy community, attends more EWB volunteer teleconferences than anyone I know of and still continues to build a culture of passion, purpose and impact by acting as mentor and guide to young region leaders. Amazing. 
Ashutosh Pandey For his work as fundraising coordinator in 2017, having organised several fundraisers which saw great success.
Becky Brown Becky is an amazing volunteer. She dedicates so much time and energy to delivering the very best EWB101 sessions to ensure that new members can get in contact with the right people in order to foster the region's culture of passion, purpose, and impact.

Becky has managed to balance work, life, doing a Masters, and EWB spectacularly. Go Becky! We are so lucky to have you in our region.
Becky Brown Becky is committed to inspiring and mobilising a global community (starting in Sydney) to help engineer social change. She shows up at the events all the groups are organising to support them. Providing her knowledge that shes gained through her years as a uni president and committed long term member. 
Becky Brown Becky invests in all our people. She is a committed member engagement co-ordinator; constantly thinking of new ways to engage people and new ways to engage with people (subtle difference). She shows up at the events all the groups are organising to support them not just the ones that interest her. Go Becky!
Becky Brown As the current EWB NSW Member Engagement Co-ordinator, Becky has been great at introducing new members to EWB through EWB101 nights & connecting them with the region's groups. She keeps up to date with what is happening in the region & directs others to where help is needed. She is willing to talk & impart her knowledge of management & leadership. Her contribution to EWB NSW has been immense stretching from UNSW Chapter President, to representing the region on a national level. Thank you Becky
Becky Brown Becky's EWB101 workshops have helped to redefine engineering by bringing EWB's message to a wide audience of new members, who she always encourages to sign up for further opportunities. Her training in development studies, commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and love of Hans Rosling's great data visualisations are an inspiration to everyone to reflect on the role that engineering and technology plays in our society today and how engineers can contribute to a better world.
Belinda Layson Belinda was not only essential to running our EWB Games event last year, but she's also been a strong advocate for improving our systems and the way our region works together and with our corporate partners. Thanks Belinda for your hard work!
Brian O'Callaghan Brian does not stop talking about EWB. He is in a position as a tutor, where he can reach out to students and talk to them about EWB. He is passionate about our chapter and the work that we do. He not only inspires the students who aren't yet involved with EWB, he also inspires his board to want to work better. 
Brian O'Callaghan For his tireless work in growing the USYD chapter, especially for his work in including the chapter in the USU which has enabled us to grow our membership base significantly and offer more events. His passion for EWB continues to grow the profile of the chapter on and off campus.
Brian O'Callaghan Brian has led the University of Sydney chapter through a period of growth that has meant that the ideas of humanitarian engineering have reached more students than ever before. In doing this, he has worked with the engineering faculty, other universities, and the regional chapter to ensure that even as more new members are recruited everyone is working to the same goals.  
Caleb Amos Caleb has done an excellent job establishing EWB's presence at Western Sydney University. He's faced the challenges of working with two campuses, both removed from the CBD, but over the last year has built a team at WSU that actively participates in the NSW region. Thanks to Caleb, we're all looking forward to WSU joining the School Outreach crew - and more - in coming years!
Charlene Wong Thank you for being such a passionate and enthusiastic lead for the QLD Chapter. The chapter is alive and thriving with the energy you bring to each chapter meeting! You connect volunteers really well and in helping the chapter share the load. I like how you look to develop skills in others by providing plenty of opportunities. 
Christina Nguyen Christina has been a great addition to this year's UQ team! 
Dev Chandrarante Dev has made amazing contributions to UQs exec team this year! 
Diana Bethune Diana has done a fantastic job as treasurer over the past two years. She's built a great working relationship between the NSW region and the finance team, which has been essential as we try to do more and bigger activities. Diana has played a key role in making our major events successful. Not even her busy time working on site has stopped her! 
Elise Hutchinson Elise has spread the word about the Design Summit program at lectures and events (i.e. over 150 people at the Monash EWB chapter night). She's self-motivated and has incredible attention to detail, seeking to connect the community with EWB program and systems. Her generosity with her time and of spirit shines through in interactions, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her as a part of the EWB family.  
Emelia Milliner Emelia always displays many attributes of a good humanitarian engineer. This is evident by the effort she puts into her chapter and the work she does in her role. She is always thinking of the people that our work is going to impact and coming up with solutions that keep the end user in mind. 
Emelia Milliner For her expertise in linking the goals and operations of the State Chapter with those of the Universities. Emelia's knowledge of EWB systems has enabled much of the recent expansions within the USYD Chapter. Emelia's work in developing the MERI framework is an example of her work to expand the toolsets available to EWBers.
Emelia Milliner As secretary, Emelia has kept the NSW region running. She put in a huge effort behind the scenes to run meetings, keep us connected, and link students and professionals so that we are all working towards the same goals. Thanks Emelia, we could not have achieved so much without your efforts!
Emma Congear Love Emma's work! So happy that she was able to step up to this role at short notice - thanks for allyou hard work!
Gavin Blakey Gavin Blakey is a remarkable leader. He embodies EWB's culture of contributing time and resources with humility and generosity to advance EWB's vision; he continues to  share EWB's message through conferences, maintains strong connections with staff and local chapter members alike, and leads the organisation with a calm and steady manner as Board Chair. He is a joy to learn from and inspiring to work with. Thank you, Gavin, for continuing to give 100% (if not more!) to EWB. 
Gavin Blakey EWB would not be the amazing organisation it is without Gavin. His wise words and level head leads our organisation and entrenches a culture of caring and optimism. He is always willing to go above and beyond for EWB, whether that be taking on additional roles within the board, or moving to Cambodia for a year!
Thank You Gavin for being a part of EWB!
Han Huang Han is getting it done! As the Makerthon Champion, he is doing a great job organising a big event!
Intisarul Hoque For his role in creating Humanitarian Engineering Conference!
Jacinta Noone For the EWB Games. Bloody hard work, can feel lonely to organise. Hoping you'll be back. 
Jacinta Noone Well done to Jacinta for stepping up to lead the EWB Games once again. This event was our most successful fundraiser for the year and we could not have done it without the Jacinta's efforts. Well done!
Jeff McAllister Jeff took the lead on producing the Diversity in Engineering Video for the Mecca M-Power project. He flew all over Australia to interview participants and captured the vision for the video perfectly. The video will feed into the School Outreach program and aims to redefine engineering to encourage more diversity in STEM professions. Jeff has taken initiative, been very enthusiastic and all around awesome. Thanks Jeff!
Jeff McAllister Jeff's "can do" attitude, attention to detail and technical expertise are helping EWB strengthen our systems. His expertise in communications, institutional knowledge and tech skills are helping change the way we work together! Thanks Jeff!!!
Jessie Yeung Jessie is one of the primary founders of the Innovation Challenge, a sub-branch of the School Outreach program. She, along with a dedicated group of volunteers, developed this multi-day program, allowing both metro and regional students to be exposed to an extended design-based activity and be inspired as future innovators. Since its initial conception in 2013, Jessie has strived to realise this mission of redefining engineering, while growing resources to ensure sustainability of the program
Jonathan Posniak As leader of the NSW Energy Hub, Jono has always shown his passion for making an impact with his work. He has built a team that connects to EWB's work with ATEC biodigesters in Cambodia, and also sought ways to have an impact in Sydney through EWB NSW's newest partnership with MetroAssist's SkillME program. Thanks Jono for your hard work and your contributions to EWB's work internationally and locally!
Jonathan Posniak Thanks to Jono - he's been doing a great job leading the SkillMe partnership.
Julian Goh Thank you for your ambitious work with children within Spokes and all your contribution to EWB.
Justin Cai Justin has worked hard to build connections with the engineering faculty and student union at UTS and to get their support for EWB's events - dealing with many requirements from all stakeholders! He's also continued to grow the EWB UTS community and share the ideas of humanitarian engineering on campus.
Kai Kurashige Kai lead the region wide coordination and development of the School Outreach program. Through her commitment and influence, School Outreach activities have become core to everything that we do. Her collaboration with local partners, universities and elsewhere has truly increased the profile of the EWB Vic Region and is redefining engineering.
Karminee Karuna Karminee has done amazing work with her AT team so far. The first of our bi-annual AT workshops was a huge success thanks to Karmine! 
Katrina Milliner For her role in revitalising the EWB USYD Trivia Night and for enlarging it to a scale never before seen at a NSW University.
Kelsie Clarke Kelsie did such an amazing job in her time as WA President, and although she is no longer in the position, I thought she needed a shout out! Still keeping tabs on the chapter, she is a loyal EWB-er and we all cannot wait until she moves back to Perth!
Leon Ross Leon has done a fantastic job building a team around how reconciliation relates to engineering. Thanks to his leadership the Engineering on Country Focus Group is a thriving community where members can discuss and learn as well as plan and run activities.
Lexi Randall-L'Estrange Lexi is a young leader to watch. As a member of the Board, she's helped ensure the organisation stays true to its mission + values by sharing her many years experience as an active volunteer and humanitarian engineer. More recently, Lexi was integral to recruiting EWB's newest CEO and ensured the process was done in an innovative and collaborative manner. (She is also awe-inspiringly efficient!) I can't wait to hear of the amazing things ahead for her!   
Lexi Randall-lestrange Lexi is an EWB ninja! She works behind the scenes, unbeknownst to many, creating amazing impact with her smooth governance skills. She takes on many additional responsibilities within the board and EWB is very lucky to have her involved! Thanks Lexi, you're a superstar!
Lucy Crawford Lucy has worked tirelessly for our fundraising efforts this year! 
Luke Mattarocchia Even though Luke is relatively new to the organisation, his passion is inspiring to to even the most seasoned EWB'er. Very grateful to have him in the WA Chapter!
Madison  Wright The EWB UQ chapter is phenomenal! They have been so active with assisting the Design Summit team with spreading the word about the opportunity to participate in the program, as well as other ways people can get involved with EWB. Madison in particular has been an amazing, delightful, self-motivated, hard-working and passionate member, always happy to get involved and help our. Thank you Madison!!!
Maja Paleka Thanks Maja not only for being a great representative for EWB as NSW Region galvanizer, but for all the amazing insights and knowledge you shared with the team - into elevator pitching, how to balance volunteering with work and life, how the corporate world works, and many many others.
Matt Imhoff Matt is part of the EWB fabric and one of the longest active volunteer members I know. He continues to grow from strength to strength as a leader with a constant positivity about the impact local chapter members can achieve.
Matthew Imhoff Matt has been the EWB NSW President for the last 8 months, stepping up to the challenge after being Vice President for almost 2 and 1/2 years. He networks widely and brings people together to share ideas and thoughts. The EWB NSW 2017 Conference organised by him, facilitated productive dialogue between members from the region. Matt's contribution to the set up and continuing support of the Digital Access group as it evolves has been a significant contribution to EWB. Thank you Matt.
Matthew Imhoff Matt has been the EWB NSW President for the last 8 months, stepping up to the challenge after being Vice President for almost 2 and 1/2 years. He networks widely and brings people together to share ideas and thoughts. The EWB NSW 2017 Conference organised by him, facilitated productive dialogue between members from the region. Matt's contribution to the set up and continuing support of the Digital Access group as it evolves has been a significant contribution to EWB. Thank you Matt
Peter Bowtell Peter is a champion of EWB amongst our corporate partners. He continues to contribute clear, incisive, and at times thought provoking discussion as a Board member, pushing the organisation to think in new and/or different ways to view EWB's impact and solutions to EWB's challenges ahead. Peter has been most generous of his time and resources and continues to do so. Thanks Peter! 
Sai Lakkur One of the most competent and willing people I have come across - so happy that Sai is a part of the team!
Shalomy Sathiyaraj For her brilliant work in running a nEWBie night double the size of any before it. For launching USYD EWB Cake and Coffee Nights. For developing collaborative partnerships between EWB USYD and other societies.
Shalomy Sathiyaraj For her work as member engagement coordinator introducing new initiatives such as cake and coffee night which saw new collaborations with other societies and a huge turnout.
Tristan Furnell Tristan has done such a great job in his role - so competent and reliable! Well done Tristan :D
Welton  Wie Welton is keeping one of the biggest EWB Uni Chapters in the country running like a well greased machine  (super corny analogy but really apt). Well done Welton!