National Volunteer Week 2017  "Shout Out"!

EWB is powered by the contribution, commitment, and enthusiasm of many incredible and inspiring people who volunteer their skills, time and passion to champion EWB's mission and vision and help deliver positive social change.

Through chapter leadership, programs and activities around Australia, on field professional placements working with community partners in Cambodia, Timor Leste and Vanuatu, and at EWB's national office - volunteers lead, innovate, influence, inspire and continue to grow a movement of people determined to share engineering knowledge and skills to give everyone access to lives of opportunity.

Shout Out

During National Volunteer Week 8-15 May 2017, EWB Australia  recognises, celebrates and thanks our amazing volunteers.  



EWB Australia gives a big 'Shout Out of Thanks' to the volunteers listed below for their inspiring contribution to our work, along with our thanks to the volunteer peers and staff who nominated them.

For the 2017 Shout Out volunteers were invited to nominate their peers  and the 170-plus submissions received and showcased in the Shout Out Honour Roll below highlights just some of the impact they've created.    It's an opportunity to recognise and thank the nominees and the people who've nominated them.  

From all of us at EWB Australia - thank you each and every one!

Superstar volunteers are listed alphabetically by first name (some have been nominated multiple times!)
followed by group and team nominations.



Shouting It Out - Thank You!

Aidan Johnson Aidan has delivered above and beyond his role as the treasurer, organising a corporate social responsibility in oil and gas event last year for EWB as well as delivering our very first Makerthon. Aidan's knowledge of EWB is far greater than many other volunteers, and he continually seeks opportunities to expand and grow as both a person and an EWB volunteer.
Aidan Johnson Awesome work with Makerthon!
Alec Jones Alec is super passionate about EWB and makes his ideas come to life by mobilising his fellow volunteers through his super inspiring vision and plans. He is making headway's with the ECU Engineering Faculty, opening doors for EWB programs and volunteer resources. An all round inspirer who is full of energy.
Alex  Warren Shout out to the NSW SO Coordinators who have charged into this role. I'm really excited to see the support you give the SO teams in our region to continue to strengthen this program and  improve the impact of our work!
Alex Rawlings Thanks to Alex, EWB Australia have been able to efficiently and effectively plan and prepare their program budgets for FY 2017/18.  Alex worked diligently, with the finance team on create an innovative and complex online spreadsheet and travel planner that has improved our internal systems dramatically.  Alex met the tight timelines and has supported step change in the way EWB manages finances.  Thanks Alex! 
Ali Rahimi Ali has not only grown into his role as Vice President, but become an invaluable member of the Victorian Region. He is playing a key role in uniting the University Chapters through regular workshops, where everyone is reaping benefits not only through sharing knowledge and frustrations but also through strengthened relationships.  Ali is continuously looking to learn more and understand different perspectives by asking questions. He does this to build his own understanding and encourage others.
Angela Manchester It is amazing to see the growth that you have been on with the EWB WA Chapter. From organising our annual ball to now stepping up as Events Coordinator, we have been blown away by your dedication. Thank you!
Angie Rozali Angie leads EWB's Engineering on Country National Knowledge Hub, facilitating collaboration across Australia that makes our efforts more effective and heading in the same direction. Her leadership and example keeps us committed to Reconciliation. Angie, thanks for the work you've done in supporting and providing a voice for the membership for the renewal of EWB's Reconciliation Action Plan. We love you Angie!
Anna Cain EWB NSW Special Projects are really excellent. They provide more opportunities to our volunteers, they engage more people including students and new members with our strategy and they "transform our systems" using a consultative human-centred design approach. I am really excited for the results of these projects and hope we can expand them to cover new areas of improvement.
Anna Cain Anna Cain for continuing to be a great leader for the NSW region.
Anna Cain Is this going to be embarrassing for you, Anna? I like to think so.
For however long now, Anna is the driving force of so many things we do in NSW EWB. She has helped create UNSW's Renewable Energy SO module, attended Regioneering, speak at Training Days, facilitated countless meetings, give invaluable guidance (especially to Yasmin and myself) and done so many more things as a mentor. Her passion and vision can be seen in the impact made since starting office but more excitingly those yet to 
Anna Cain Increasing EWB's profile, influence and support base.
Anna Cain Anna has been an inspiring leader for the NSW region with endless energy and motivation for all members and initiatives. She is driven to ensure the local partnership and engineering on country programs are successful. 
Anna  Cain Anna gives so much of her time and energy to EWB and its members. Thank you for your unwavering belief in EWB, your support of those around you, and the questions you ask of us. Thanks Anna.
Ash Pandey Ashutosh Pandey for his role in hosting fun and unique fundraising events throughout the last year. Ash has engaged with the broader USYD community beyond the efforts of Fundraising Coordinators of the past. Through initiatives including Sustainability and Soccer & Jazzy Shirt Day, Ash oversaw the raising of significant funds for EWB National initiatives and local USYD programs.
Bec Lin For your proactive attitude and striving to do your best and improve our impact and processes! Thanks for being a supportive team member, for your commitment and hard work, Bec!
Becky Brown Becky Brown for her endless energy for EWB. She delivers amazing nEWBie nights and EWB101 that have brought in new members to the region as well as delivering with great styles.
Becky Brown Investing in our people and building our culture of passion, purpose and impact.
Becky  Brown Becky is always at EWB events with a smile and a phone to collect details of new members to connect them with the next steps on their EWB journey. Becky has established EWB101 in NSW and in the process of consolidating the member engagement team. Thanks Becky for your great work. EWB NSW is so lucky to have you.
Becky Watts Thanks Jono and Becky for coordinating the Energy Hub in NSW. Providing opportunities for people in Australia to learn about and build skills in Energy is a fundamental part of EWB achieving its goal of inspiring a global movement of engineers working for social change. I'm looking forward to an exciting year for the Energy Hub.
Benjamin Sedighi Thank you for coming on board as our new L&T coordinator. We are so excited to have you on board, and cannot wait to see what you do with the role.
Brian Caceres Brian is always willing to mentor and assist other people in the chapter to align them with EWBs mission and vision.
Brian Caceres Thank you Brian for your brilliant efforts in leading WASH. You are instrumental in leading such as important part of the WA Chapter.
Brian   O'Callahan Thanks to EWB NSW's wonderful USYD Chapter Co-Presidents! Brian and Sush support a team of 20 coordinators, inspiring engineering students at USYD to contribute to engineering with community at the centre. Thanks for the passion, creativity and commitment you apply to this role!
Buddhi Ranasinghe Buddhi compiled a strong support system for our work in conjunction with engineering organisations in Sri Lanka as a result of the SO trip he started in the past summer. He also reached out to other 'Outreach' based organisations in Sydney to find common goals and form potential collaboration. This is growing our impact, and coming from the SAIL background, Buddhi now assists the SO team to support current operations and optimise them.
Chelsea   Haywood Shout out to the NSW SO Coordinators who have charged into this role. I'm really excited to see the support you give the SO teams in our region to continue to strengthen this program and  improve the impact of our work!
Chloe Mellitchey EWB Influencer!
Chloe Mellitchey Chloe is an all round EWB superstar and leader. Thanks to the perseverance of Chloe, EWB now has an additional university chapter at ECU. Chloe has consistently grown and empowered volunteers at the ECU chapter, growing the group from a small team of two members, to a thriving and active group of volunteers. She has created a sustainable EWB chapter at ECU. As the School Outreach coordinator, he has thrived in this role. A tue leader and humanitarian.
Chris Skellern Chris Skellern - Inviting and involving students in the University to EWB events. Being very engaged and outgoing and promoting EWB in every way he possibly can.
Chris Skellern Chris Skellern for taking the lead of the SO program at USYD. Chris has worked closely with myself in securing funding for all of EWB USYD's (non-sustainaball) initiatives in the 2017 year. Chris has also been the torch-bearer for the introduction of a 2nd regioneering trip for the USYD Chapter.
Chris Skellern  Inviting and involving students in the University to EWB events. Being very engaged and outgoing and promoting EWB in every way he possibly can. 
Christian Böttcher Thank you Christian for your continued work driving the Connectivity program. It is thanks to you that it has grown to be such a success, allowing the WA Chapter to drive social change by reaching out and teaching computer skills to migrants and refugees. You are amazing.
Christian Böttcher  Christian Böttcher - for his dedication, professionalism and commitment to the Connectivity Program.
Clare Stephens This is for Clare's excellent wor organising and facilitating cultural awareness training, working with a large variety of groups within the EWB and larger NSW engineering community to spread literacy and ability in working cross culturally with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Clare has invest EWB members to develop their capacity of working cross culturally to appropriately engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
Claudia Williams Claudia is one of EWB NSW's amazing local partnership coordinators for the SAIL partnership. Claudia is thoughtful, listens and considers the long term impact and sustainability of EWB's work, crucial in establishing and maintaining effective community partners. Thanks Claudia for the great work you do in cross-team coordination for the SAIL outreach initiatives, for recognising that outcomes are not always tangible and for the way in which you approach the SAIL partnership.
Darren Rajit Darren started with the Summer Squad and continues to volunteer at national office.   Thanks Darren for your hard work, thoughtful approach and initiative!
Diana Bethune Diana is EWB NSW's region treasurer. She has done a wonderful job in this role over the last 12 months, seamlessly rolling out the new expenses process in our region, ensuring everyone is up to date with the requirements, explaining changes and maintaining our region budget so that our chapter members can be effective and make an impact. Thanks for all the great work Diana, often behind the scenes but no less appreciated!
Diana Bethune Diane Bethune for being an amazing treasurer and being so humble about it. She gets the job done and every finance reimbursement requests are done on time and with a smile :)
Diana Bethune Growing our resources and increasing our financial and social capital.
Elia Hauge Elia keeps everyone on the UNSW in check and up to date with important deadlines, contacts, meetings, etc. She single-handedly writes our weekly newsletter and improved the system of getting the word out to current members. All our meeting minutes (containing crucial information) are taken cared of and distributed to the team members efficiently. Elia is taking on the organisation of the inter-uni inaugural Humanitarian Engineering Camp - to enhance the impact of our work to share with new EWBer.
Emelia Milliner For her vision for, and organisation of, the Women Without Borders panel at USYD.  Emelia is constantly looking to redefine engineering as a profession suitable for, and in need of, participants of all genders, races and identities.
Emelia has also been passionate about helping the University of Sydney Chapter to understand our impact and to ensure that the events we host do provide the imagined leadership which we hope for. Emelia's work in applying the MERI framework is one example of this.
Emelia  Milliner For creating and hosting the Women in Engineering panel and expanding the series with Engineering and Policy.
Emilie Richeux Emilie has stepped up as Co-Coordinator of UQ's School Outreach Program. Her efforts in logistics and training of new volunteers have been invaluable. Further to this, it is Emilie's efforts outside her executive role that exemplify her as an EWB volunteer leading and mobilising a community for social change. Thank you for always putting your hand up for odd jobs Emilie - your work within all branches of the UQ EWB team is what fosters the purpose and passion culture of the EWB community.
Emily Cox She has been working tirelessly to establish and inspire the Victoria Chapter team. She has always managed to make time to members juggling work and her volunteering work without a compromise. She has built a culture of support and has brought everyone together with her passion to make the volunteering experience an enjoyable and meaningful one.
Emma Dade Emma Dade for all of her work when she was athe L&T coordinator.
Emma Dade Emma Dade for being ever friendly and kind. Our face to every open space meeting.
Emma Dade Emma Dade is an all round EWB superstar and mentor. She plays a significant role in the chapter as a leader, friend and coach to many volunteers. Her wise ways and direction is highly valued. She has mentored countless volunteers, going above and beyond her role as Corporate Galvanizer to do so. 
Fergus Mactaggart Thank you for always putting your create hat on to create positive change in the Local Partnerships space. Looking forward to seeing some of the new initiatives and partnerships flourish.
Gavin Blakey Thank you for being a passionate local support to the QLD Chapter. The QLD EWB professional and student members really enjoyed your guidance and support in our regional activities in the past years.
Geraldine Terada-Bellis Thank you for your consistent support last year to ensure the smooth operation of the chapter. Our strong support from the local members and volunteers relies on you working with Harry to keep them engaged with the up-to-date chapter activities. Thanks for being part of the global movement.
Thank you for also coming up with the idea to PodCast EWB Australia. Looking forward to trailing this to increase EWB's profile and support base.
Grace  Banada Thank you for collaborating so closely with the WA Chapter to organise our upcoming Cultural Awareness training. You are both doing an amazing job!
Gretel Cannon Gretel was of invaluable assistance in the National Office - conducting a check across our Board documentation, amending policies and preparing research (amongst other things!). I really enjoyed Gretel's enthusiasm and the thought with which she brings to her work. Thanks for all your assistance Gretel, EWB really appreciates it!
Han Huang Thank you Han for collaborating so closely with the WA Chapter to put on the EWB Volunteer Celebration evening. We appreciate your organisational skills and your continuous efforts.
Hareem Khan

Hareem is a Science/Journalism student at Monash University who has a great ability to create engaging narratives. During the year and a half she has interned with EWB, she has singlehandedly overseen the filming, editing and development of all the films for the Stories of Indigenous Engineering project. With her volunteer input, we have been able to deliver four outstanding films for this initiative which can be shared with the EWB community and used to promote STEM careers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Harry Roache-Wilson Thank you for your consistent support last year to ensure the smooth operation of the chapter. Our strong support from the local members and volunteers relies on you working with Geraldine to keep them engaged with the up-to-date chapter activities. Thanks for being part of the global movement.
Ian Cunningham Thanks Ian for continuing to contribute to the EWB NSW region. We at very lucky to be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience you bring.
Inti Hoque Inti has reignited the UTS Chapter, inspiring a community around EWB within his Uni. He has also been mindful of the power of collaboration, both with the EWB NSW region, ensuring the uts chapter connects into EWB'a wider movement, and with other Uni chapters, driving a number of exciting initiatives, including Humanitarian Engineering Camp and Sustainaball. Thanks for the amazing effort Inti!
Intisarul Hoque Always quipped with the perfect things to say, Inti is the ultimate catalyst to persuade and inspire a crowd. His passion for EWB never waivers and you can see it when he speaks. Whether it's his Design Summit experience, Regioneering adventures or enthusiasm for the inaugural Humanitarian Engineering Camp - Inti is captivating and ever inspirational.
Jacinta Noone For an incredibly well-run EWB Games!
Jacinta  Noone For creating solutions to social change.
Jacinta  Noone Thanks Viv and Jacinta for coordinating the WASH Hub in NSW. Providing opportunities for people in Australia to learn about and build skills in WASH is a fundamental part of EWB achieving its goal of inspiring a global movement of engineers working for social change. Keep up the great work. 
James Que Zheng Thank you for your support and your continued presence in the WA Chapter, and particularly for your support with events. You are an incredible volunteer!
James Que Zheng On the ball with events. Cutting costs. Saving money.
James Sweeney Thanks James for your efforts and skill in coordinating ewb NSW retreat in March 2017. Living outside of Sydney was no barrier to James, demonstrating the opportunities for engaging with regional Australia. Thanks James for the care and commitment that you apply to EWB's programs. 
Jeff McAllister Jeff has lead the design and development of a new webpage for EWB Connect that clearly shares what the program is about, what impact our partners are having and the opportunities that exist to create social value with communities.
Jeff brings so much knowledge to EWB and we are very grateful for his support means we have been able to create step change in the program communications and have a solid foundation in which to build on going forward. Thanks Jeff!
Jeff McAllister Jeff is an accomplished photographer, writer and filmmaker who has volunteered with EWB for over two years while he completes a Master in Chemical Engineering at Melbourne University. Jeff’s ongoing commitment has enabled us to dramatically improve our photo library and create more engaging content for the EWB website. His contributions as an interviewer and photographer to the Stories of Indigenous Engineering project were invaluable and enabled us to produce a diversity of high quality films and and stories for this initiative.
Jono Posniak Thanks Jono and Becky for coordinating the Energy Hub in NSW. Providing opportunities for people in Australia to learn about and build skills in Energy is a fundamental part of EWB achieving its goal of inspiring a global movement of engineers working for social change. I'm looking forward to an exciting year for the Energy Hub.
Jovita Indashari For leading a team of volunteers dedicated to teaching Mathematics to high school students in low socioeconomic areas through the use of video calling technology. Her efforts have led to the expansion and success of the new program. Maths Without Limits is truly fortunate to have her as the program manager.
 Joshua Weir Can't really vote for one without the other as they work well as a team. Management of the Schools Outreach team on UWA's side has been effective meaning they can spread the teachings of the humanitarian engineering movement to the next generation of engineers.
 Joshua Weir Thanks for all the work you have put into SO this year! I admire your enthusiasm and how much you care about SO.
Julia Volpe For your timely organisational skills, proactive attitude and support of the executive team!
Julian Goh Julian, keep up your continued efforts as our Spokes Champion. You are super dedicated and an inspiration to many, effortlessly leading the Spokes team for over a year now. I am so excited to see where the team goes next.
Julian Goh Julian took on the role of Spokes in the wheel coordinator together with Lewis last year and did an excellent job to keep the momentum of the program going. He is also involved with developing local partnerships strategies with other regions and did all of this while completing his final year at uni.
Kajal Jhuboo Thank you for joining the EWB WA Chapter as Events Team Coordinator. We are super excited to have you on board.
Kaleesha Ball What an amazing journey that you've been on! Thank you so much for your dedication over the past two years. You have grown the events team to be an unstoppable force within the chapter. We will miss you.
Kaleesha Ball Kaleesha for her work as the events coordinator and many fundraising events that she's organised over her years as the coordinator.
Kaleesha Ball Amazing events mentor!
Kaleesha Ball As our events coordinator for the past two years, Kaleesha has continuously delivered packed out and super fun fundraising and educational events, immensely growing our resources. An all round money-maker true and true. Thank you Kaleesha for your amazing events, we will miss you!
Karats Eisenmenger Redefining engineering as a community-centred profession that provides leadership in the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive world.
Kate Hryczyszyn Thank you for looking after the local partnerships team and building it to its current status! You are a natural leader and have created an active working group to strengthen the existing relationships and build upon new ones. Looking forward to whatever is ahead of the LP team!
Katie Marshall Katie, it is always such a pleasure to work with you. I am continually amazed and inspired by your perseverance, vision and dedication to EWB. Thank you for leading such a strong Curtin Chapter.
Kelsie Clarke Kelsie is an outstanding volunteer with endless passion for EWB from her involvement with the corporate partner as the WA galvaniser, bringing EWB events to a new standard and now a leader for the region. Kelsie, you are amazing and I wish you all the best.
Kelsie Clarke Kelsie is across so many difference groups and committees and imbeds EWB philosophies into all of them. Her power as an influencer is immense yet understated and she represents EWB extremely well.
Kelsie Clarke Great speaker and leader to inspire EWB chapters.
Kelvin Liu Thank you for your dedication to the Roelands Partnership over the last few years, you have done an amazing job! And it is super exciting to have you as our new Vice President. It is so great to work with someone who is super inspiring and dedicated to EWB Australia and the work that we do as a region.
Kelvin Liu As a long-term member of the EWB WA Chapter Kelvin has shown incredible leadership and vision. He is influential to everyone he meets and inspires people to consider humanitarian engineering and place themselves within it's sphere to create a more inclusive world.
Kelvin Liu Kelvin Liu - for his work within ATSI for the past few years in providing solutions and strengthening relationships with current partners.
Kevin Eipe Thank you Kevin for your work leading REKH and getting some awesome events off the ground!
Kristina Mahoney Kristina Mahoney, for her work for introducing appropriate technology to many engineering students in university and her role in organising the Inter-Uni App Tech Competition.
Kristina  Mahoney For helping coordinate appropriate technologies at The Sydney Uni chapter. She has lead the way in coordinating with other university chapters for the apptech challenge.
Krutika Ambani I really enjoy working with Krutika, and I'm inspired by her ability to step up to challenges. Krutika has grown so well into the local partnerships role. She is clearly passionate about EWB, and is willing to dive in the deep end and learn fast so that she can help EWB to have the desired impact.
Krutika's early and active involvement with the nation-wide EWB local partnerships community also demonstrates her commitment and desire to see the bigger picture. She is a star to have on the team!
Lawrence Cheng Lawrence has been a star volunteer over the past eight months. Ever since he took on the role, his presence has been strong.  Lawrence always challenged the status quo in a bid to look for ways to improve and strengthen ourselves, and had a strong focus on making sure anything we did had a strong mission statement and could be aligned to the EWB core values.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him and get to know him personally.
Leah Cheriyan Leah has worked over the past two years to conduct UQ's School Outreach Program. Her efforts include ongoing coordination both with the university's engineering faculty and a huge pool of enthusiastic volunteers. Leah's ability to invest in the volunteers she coordinates has built a culture of passion, purpose and impact in the UQ School Outreach Program. Thank you for all the hours and logistics Leah!
Leon Ross Leon's great work driving the EoC team in NSW gives me hope that we might one day achieve a fully recognised Australia where our first nations' cultures are celebrated. Leon is humble and always open to learning and looks for ways he can contribute to community through his work at council and through EWB. Thanks Leon for your work in facilitating opportunities for EWB members to develop their capacity to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
Leon Ross Inspiring and mobilising a global community in engineering for social change.
Liroy Lourenco In addition to gamely taking on whatever task is thrown at him, Liroy is a ray of sunshine in the National Office and we're always happy to have him around.
This 'shout out' is a big thank you for all the support you provide our education team and the capable, easy way you go about getting things done. Thank you!
Luan Nguyen Luan has put a lot of effort into representing EWB NSW when planning the Young Engineers Leadership Reception with YEAS. Thanks to his efforts in keeping this event on track we are expecting a very successful event that will promote pro-bono engineering to the industry, build our relationship with EA, and also raise some money.
Luan Nguyen Thank you for your continued support of the WA Chapter. Despite moving away, you have still been a force to be reckoned with, as our former 'remote' VP. You are an all round EWB superstar!
Luan Nguyen Luan Nguyen, for being a shining example of what it takes to engineer for social change. A civil engineer by day and a chef by night, Luan still found it within his capacity to put in an immense amount of dedication and time towards EWB in the past year. Having had him as a mentor through Spokes in the Wheel made me realise how he is an inspiration not only to myself but also to the rest of the committee in the WA region and EWB nationally.
Luan Nguyen  NSW region has been lucky to inherit the wonderful Luan from WA and we are so happy to have him. Luan moved to Sydney and rapidly got involved while performing the WA VP role remotely. Luan finds opportunities to continue to EWB's goals, from catering our events, mentoring new volunteers, collaborating with EA or supporting our Comms team! Thanks Luan!
Madison Wright Maddie is an invaluable member of the UQ EWB community and works tirelessly to inspire and mobilise a global movement in engineering and social change. Her initiative and wonderful work ethic in her role as Regioneering Coordinator have helped increase EWB's profile, influence and support base throughout regional and rural QLD. Thank you so much for all your work Maddie!
Maja  Paleka Thanks Maja for the great work you have done as Corporate Galvaniser in NSW! Our corporate partners are critical to EWB achieving its goal of growing a global movements of engineers working for social change. It is wonderful to observe the skill and passion with which you approach this task. We really value your insights, knowledge and experience. Thanks for being part of the EWB community.
Majid Farbodrad Enabling appropriate solutions to alleviate poverty and accelerate inclusive, sustainable development through engineering and technology.
Margarita Moya Margarita's efforts supporting the Digital Access team have been essential in getting it off the ground. Without Margarita we would not have achieved as much as we have in expanding EWB to a new technical field.
Margarita  Moya Margarita Moya for continue to actively involved with all initiatives within EWB and grow our human resources by being a point of contact for the region.

Maria Tran Maria was EWB NSW's La Perouse LALC Partnership Coordinator for 2015-16. In this time, Maria has helped EWB to support volunteer development by running training, she has coordinated community-identified engineering initiatives, including support of the La Perouse Community Energy Workshops and Matraville Sports High Energy Outreach program. Maria is resourceful, community minded, respects others' limits and her own, and creates a supportive volunteer culture. Thanks Maria!
Matthew Imhoff For setting up the digital access team from inception to strategy to action.
Matthew Imhoff Matt has been pivotal in developing EWB's Digital Access with engaging multiple regions, organisations and members within the engineering communities. It is exciting to see where this initiative will go over the next coming months.
Matthew Imhoff Improving the impact of our work and the systems and tools we use to support our operations.
Matthew Imhoff Thanks Matt for all your efforts supporting the EWB NSW region as VP. Your passion for supporting and investing in our members through coordinating the National Council share back day is really important to supporting EWB to engineer a better world.
Matthew  Imhoff Matthew Imhoff for taking the lead to form the digital access hub and continue to strengthen this group using the human centre design methods.
May Chew May has continually expanded our audience reach from the very first day of joining the team. She actively builds the chapter's presence on Facebook, created an Instagram account for a lighter representation of EWB UNSW, creatively promotes ALL our events (producing amazing medias from scratch every time), initialised a Trello board to better organise upcoming events to be promoted and remain a positive force in the exec team! We can not ask for a better Influencer.
Meera Kanji Thank you for collaborating so closely with the WA Chapter to organise our upcoming Cultural Awareness training. You are both doing an amazing job!
Megan Dale Thank you for your effort in connecting the Griffith Gold Coast students to the QLD regional activities. We appreciate you overcoming the geographic challenges and engaging other Gold Coast members to come along to regional activities such as the Careers Night.
Michelle Foo Thank you for your efforts in setting up the MERI framework for the WA Region. This will lead to our teams having higher impact and being able to use our resources more effectively. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance.
Michelle Foo Working hard at creating a new team with the goal to ensure teams reach their own goals. By including this team, EWB WA can look into transforming their systems so that they can achieve even more.
Min Hamid Min has been instrumental in growing and sustaining our relationships amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations throughout WA. He has raised the profile of EWB immensely and never ceases to amaze! His passion and contribution to the role, organisation of ATSI events and other opportunities is so important to the chapter. Thank you Min.
Moogie Radhakrishnan  Moogie has stood out as being highly resourceful and is a collaborator through and through. He has reached out to collaborate closely with the WA Region team, opening up resources such as grants and volunteers, to work on larger events between WA and UWA. He is growing the success of the region as a whole, and is driving up the value and impact of our resources, making the most of everything that is available. Superstar!
Mugundan Radhakrishnan Doing an amazing job as President of the UwA Chapter. It was evident that he is increasing the profile of EWB on campus through the huge number of people turning up for the welcome lunch. His management of the UWA coordinators and his advice both have a hand in the vast increase in interest in EWB at UWA.
Naoya Tashiro Thanks Naoya for your amazing work, ensuring we are creating maximum impact.
Nicholas  Butterly  Can't really vote for one without the other as they work well as a team. Management of the Schools Outreach team on UWA's side has been effective meaning they can spread the teachings of the humanitarian engineering movement to the next generation of engineers.
Nicholas  Butterly You have been so helpful thus far thus year Nick. Your knowledge about SO is so valuable and the work you put in to SO is inspirational!
Nicola Lazaroo Nicola, you are such an EWB superstar. Thank you for your continued efforts as both our Pro Bono Champion and Social Media Coordinator. You are helping to increase our profile and give so much energy in everything that you do.
Nicola Lazaroo Nicola has shown a passion for EWB Connect and directed this through both her work with the Roelands Partnership group and in her organisation (the Water Corporation). Her work towards getting a new EWB connect partner is helping to mobilise a global community in engineering for social change.
Nicola  Lazaroo Nicola has supported the mobilisation of the WA corporate community in participating in and learning more about EWB Connect and pro bono.
She has also taken the lead in developing an important resource for the Pro Bono Engineering Community of Practice, which will support sector collaboration and knowledge sharing around Australia which is very exciting! Thanks Nicola.
Nik Marschallek Thank you for not only support the operation of the QUT Chapter but also your consistent effort in linking the QUT Chapter to the regional chapter activities as well as other university chapters. Your collaborative impact approach has inspired our volunteers to tap into more networks to create a holistic positive impact.
Nikita Verma For your dedication to your role and hard work despite injuries!! Thank you for being a supportive team member and a proactive volunteer, Nikita!
Niloo Jafari Niloo works mostly behind the scenes at EWB, yet is an invaluable volunteer who always delivers on her role as secretary, making the wheels turn! Niloo has recently sought to expand her role, co-coordinating the recent nEWBie night and recruitment campaign. She is hardworking, dedicated and continuously grows, allowing our chapter to flourish, and really encompasses the term 'enables solutions".
Olivia D'Arrigo Olivia has improved our access to grants in WA, through leading one of our newest teams to apply for grants for the region. She recently led the application for a successful grant, obtaining $1000 of funding for our National Volunteer week celebration evening. Thank you Olivia!
Olivia   & WA Grants Team The whole grants team for opening our eyes to the variety of grants available in WA and fine-tuning a wee thought out process for grant applications. 
Osta Surjadi Osta has been coming in to the Melbourne office for almost 2 years now, he has worked on LinkFest, and with the International team, doing a lot of research on our sanitation work, which will help improve the impact of our work with communities living in challenging environments. He always presents himself with great positivity, enthusiasm, and willingness to get in and do all manner of tasks for the team!
Patrick Pleta Patrick has been able to push forward key brokering process activities which means we have been able to support more communities with pro bono brokering.
The aligned program support he provides, builds on our resources and increases our impact.
Pete Johnstone For your willingness to learn and striving to do your best and improve our impact and processes. Great patience and an always supportive member of the team. Thanks Pete!
Rachel Welling Improving the impact of our work, a proactive attitude and supportive and collaborative approach. Thanks Rach!
Robbie Goedecke Thanks for your support in the corporate space in the past few years. Your keen interest in mobilising the corporate network to redefine engineering has allowed EWB to gain its profile and support both nationally and locally.
Robbie Hoffmann Thank you for supporting EWB both as a treasurer and also a keen professional who is passionate about connecting EWB to your work at GHD. EWB has gained support and mobilised more people through the Corporate Speaker Nights and Careers Night that EWB and GHD were part of.
Saanika Rana Saanika Rana for her work in building the Connectivity initiative at the University of Sydney. Saanika has played a vital role in re-establishing relationships with the refugee centre and in establishing a system for effective utilisation of volunteers. Without Saanika and her work, it is quite possible that Connectivity would no longer provide opportunities for USYD students to continue in their work with the centre.
Sam Cunningham-Nelson Thank you for you ongoing support in maintaining the smooth operation of the QLD Region Chapter. I don't know what I could have survived in my role without you in the last year.    Thank you also for working out the new Raspberry Pi School Outreach Module. Looking forward to its delivery.
Sarah Matthee Thank you Sarah for your continued support and guidance for the region Corporate Galvanizers. I really appreciate your dedication and commitment.
Serena Fernandez For taking initiative  with training volunteers for SOs and Regioneering!
Serena Fernandez Serena Fernandez, for her work in organising SO workshop as a school outreach coordinator as well as her volunteering work previously for EWB.
Sharath Vijayananda Thank you Sharath for your continued efforts as our website coordinator. We appreciate the time that you put in as well as your amazing energy!
Sheena Ong An all around EWB powerhouse! Sheena, the work that you do is inspirational, to say the least, and you are very much missed! Thank you for leading the Chapter during 2016 - the countless hours that you put in really showed through and was greatly appreciated.
Sheena Ong Who developed so many how-to guides and financial processes in 2016 which have been extremely valuable for the region in ensuring consistency and access to information.
Sheena Ong Sheena Ong, for her exceptional and inspiring leadership as President in 2016. Every committee meeting, EWB event or one-on-one conversation always felt welcoming and she always went the extra mile for volunteers within the WA region (Tuesday touch bases). I believe that Sheena invested disproportionate time and effort into the region's volunteers and in doing so, was successful in cultivating a culture of passion, purpose and impact. 
Sheena Ong Sheena Ong of course. She's done so much that he bio speaks for itself.
Sheena Ong Sheena Ong - for her passion in the impact engineers can make locally and globally. Her resilience in promoting new ideas and encouraging social changes.
Shira Samocha Through her work with YARN Australia and building the capacity and interest of the EWB community in  reconciliation and awareness of Aboriginal culture Shira has been inspiring the NSW EWB community. Shira has done this by facilitating workshops and engaging EWB volunteers through school outreach initiatives and her personal work with Nura Gili at UNSW. Shira works to facilitate EWB members to engage  with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities bringing the relevance of reconciliation.
Shira  Samocha Shout out to the NSW SO Coordinators who have charged into this role. I'm really excited to see the support you give the SO teams in our region to continue to strengthen this program and  improve the impact of our work!
Sienna Xue Sienna came on board as EWB NSW' fundraising coordinator and has not only run a trivia night but formed a team and set a plan for the year. Thanks Sienna for the commitment and passion you demonstrate to growing EWB's resources!
Sonia Basson Thank for your for interest and support to the EWB QLD Chapter. You willingness to share your professional experiences in the renewable energy development applications has inspired our chapter members to further our positive impact. We look forward to more collaboration with you.
Soroush Tehrani For his continued work in forming and sustaining local partnerships. Soroush is now the partnership manager for two local partnerships, Connectivity and STEM Learning Clubs with the Smith Family, and was a key driver to make the both of these happen. He has grown our support base immensely.
Stanley Teoh Stanley is a passionate advocate of both EWB and the Schools Outreach program and this has shown in his commitment to his role. SO continues to be a favourite volunteer opportunity among our members and that's no doubt due to Stan and his team. He's been particularly invaluable in his commitment to hunting down grants for this year programs and his tireless diligence here has translated directly to the calibre of programming we are able to run this year. Thank you!
Suzanne Mustafa Suzanne is one of EWB NSW's amazing local partnership coordinators for the SAIL partnership. Suzanne has done an amazing job in supporting the partnership by engaging with School Outreach teams to bring outreach workshops to SAIL. She and the team have set up processes and procedures to support this work on an ongoing basis. Thanks for the great work Suzanne!
Talia Rose Where can I start? Thanks for being you - inspiring, energetic, positive and caring. You are a natural leader and have inspired a lot of students and professionals to follow your EWB journey in positive social change.
Tess Fitzgerald For her passion and commitment to her role as president of the Monash Uni chapter.
Thomas Fay Clearly is passionate about humanitarian engineering and it is infectious. He is not afraid to talk to new members and help create the chapter culture EWB strives for. If asked for advice, Thomas would specifically think of an impactful answer to ensure maximum takeaway especially toward anything based on humanitarian engineering.
Tiana Hume Thanks Tiana for your great work coordinating national EoC calls and publising the minutes for this group improving the impact of our work! It's fantastic that you have found a way to be involved with EWB from regional Australia.
Vivian Chordi Thanks Viv and Jacinta for coordinating the WASH Hub in NSW. Providing opportunities for people in Australia to learn about and build skills in WASH is a fundamental part of EWB achieving its goal of inspiring a global movement of engineers working for social change. Keep up the great work.
Wenquian Gan Wenqian was Connectivity project manager in early 2016. She put in place some excellent systems for training and managing Connectivity volunteers and left the project with an excellent foundation that we can build upon with further collaboration with the ASC partner.
Yasmin Cherik Yasmin is hard at work getting this year's inter-uni AppTech comp to happen. She's also tutoring the EWB Challenge as part of our first year subject: ENGG1000. Always encouraging new ideas and foster sustainable technology in developmental context, Yasmin champions social change through engineering.

Zan Maharullah Zan is testament to the incredible benefit of having people on the committee that are not purely of an engineering background. With legal experience as well, Zan is able to offer a different perspective and ask questions that may not be obvious to others.
Despite not having much prior experience of EWB, Zan has really melded into the EWB culture. Not only does he make a strong contribution to discussions, he has taken his commitment to his workplace and found ways that they too can support EWB.


Andrew Koolhof 
Lachlan Guthrie 
Sophie Jordan 
Fatima Shehata
Matt Sant 
Melissa  McCreery
Brendan Siebert 
Piseth  Kim 
Matt King 
Ali Saikal 
Fraser Goff 
Brian Reading 
Francisco dos Reis 
Ramy Loveridge
Lachlan Harris
Becky Watts

A massive THANK YOU to the EWB Field Professional Team in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu for their dedication and hard work every day throughout their year long (or more) placements. In their own way they are enabling the local technical sector to deliver more sustainable and appropriate engineering and educational programs to local communities. Shout outs to Andrew, Piseth, Fatima, Brendan, Mel, Soph, Matt S, Lachlan, Brian, Ramy, Francisco, Ali, Fraser and Matt K.
Maja Paleka - NSW
Andreas Henschke - SA
Robbie Goedecke - QLD
Laura Elbourne-Binns - VIC
Kelsie Clarke - WA
Emma Dade - WA

The EWB Corporate Galvanizers are an integral part of EWB's relationships with corporate partners and supporters, and assist EWB to create a global movement and redefine engineering as a people centred profession. Thanks team!

Anna Cain - NSW
Charlene Wong - Qld
Emily Cox - Vic
Kelsie Clarke - WA
Nick Grear - SA
Sam Palmer - ACT


EWB's Region Chapter Presidents employ their unique leadership talents and knowledge to inspire the passion, build the capability & direct the purpose of the volunteers in their regions towards impactful social change.  Leading by dedicated example across a range of initiatives they exemplify the values that make EWB volunteers stand out in the sector, raise the bar and influence new approaches.
(as above)
EWB region Presidents-Em, Charlene, Nick, Sam, Cam, Kelsie, Sheena! Such a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for inspiring and leading the EWB movement across Australia! 
Arbaz Khan - ACT|
Diana Bethune - NSW
Robert Hoffmann - QLD
Natasha Rayan - SA
Lawrence Cheng - VIC
Aidan Johnson - WA
 Our hardworking Region Treasurers implement fiscal policies & ensure compliance, prepare extensive budgets, liaise with EWB national, promote best fiscal practice, grants and fundraising, and effectively manage their region and university chapter finances.  Their treasury skills and executive leadership support the delivery of region chapter activities and initiatives and excellence in management of EWB's financials.  Thank you!
Melinda Jiang
Rianna Bernal
Varsha Sivagurunathan
Nathan Lam
These four champs tirelessly work on upcoming SO opportunities, Regioneering and not to mention the Training Days. They redefine 'engineering' everyday and continually promote the profession as a human-oriented discipline that holds the potential to change the current world. Primary school students, High school students, university students, professional engineers, academics and community members are some of the beneficiaries.
Ashvittha Santhaseelan
Anand Rajagopal 
This power couple are working with all their might to secure as much money from UNSW's Arc as possible. They do all the admin, reduction, reimbursement and endless paper work for all our events, member inquiries, budgeting, etc. I'm sure Diana gets plenty of email from Ash to clarify things and continue working towards a strong finance.
Yasmin Cherik
Karats Eisenmenger 
For supporting the amazing work UNSW chapter continues to do. Yasmin and Karats look for diverse avenues for volunteers and members to get involved with, including bushwalking trips, water study tours and many more.
This has also been recognised by the UNSW Enginering faculty who are looking for ways to support them!
Thanks for being great leaders in the NSW region, helping EWB inspire and mobilised a global movement of humanitarian engineers. 
Conor Rossiter
Yash Yvas
Arbaz Khan
Sarah Callinan
James Butler
Shafique Pineda
Michael Marriott

The ACT Executive team have done an incredible job of mobilising to grow our chapter. We have some fantastic initiatives coming up and the way all our exec, new and old, are working together and coordinating with each other is great to see. We have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the year from the team!
Matt Sorenson
Anthony Simpson
Elise Pearson
Erin Hughes
Femme Rounds
Hugh Amos
Neill King
Rebecca Townshend

Thank you for your ongoing support in the QLD ATSI Focus Group. Thank you for your help in redefining engineering through your engagement with local ATSI representatives and the engineering industry.
Yue Lou
Catherine Guo
Danial Gonawan
Dorothy Meng
Emma Humphrey
Gabriella Sanjaya
Holly Whitfield
Jingyuan Ma
Juan Carlo Ala
Xuteng Lin
Yian Ouyang
Yi Shuen Lee

These Maths Without Limits volunteers have dedicated their time to regularly mentoring students in high school Mathematics. They have made quality teaching available for students who may not have easy access to tutoring. The positive impact from their mentorship on the students is immense.
SUMMER SQUAD 2016-17 -
Alex Rawlings
Darren Rajit
Gretel Cannon
Ishita Chopra
Krutika Ambani
Mandeep Jaiman
Nicole Naim
Ravi Kishan-Poorun
Sarah Gilbert
Sharath Vijayananda
Shirley Xiao Xi Hou
Shreya Rajesh

Volunteering at national office for 12 weeks over the Summer from chapters around Australia - the Summer Squad contributed their energy, skills,and  ideas and created useful impact supporting EWB staff to progress and deliver a range of projects -  from the Making an Impact Summit, or our finance and legal systems to school outreach, EWB Connect, Reseach and social enterprise development.  We appreciated (and miss) their initiative, team-work and sense of fun!   Thanks Summer Squad!