National Volunteer Week 2019  "Shout Out"!

EWB is powered by the contribution, commitment, and enthusiasm of many incredible and inspiring people who volunteer their skills, time and passion to champion EWB's mission and vision and help deliver positive social change.

Through chapter leadership, programs and activities around Australia, on field professional placements working with community partners in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu, and at EWB's national office - volunteers lead, innovate, influence, inspire and continue to grow a movement of people determined to share engineering knowledge and skills to give everyone access to lives of opportunity.

During National Volunteer Week 20-26 May 2019, EWB Australia recognises, celebrates and thanks our amazing volunteers.



A huge shout out to all our volunteers! EWB Australia is a member-based organisation and our volunteers enable positive social impact in Australia and the Asia Pacific!

The people below have been nominated by their peers to help us celebrate their contribution to humanitarian engineering through EWB Australia!

List is ordered group nominations followed by individuals in alphabetical order. Make sure you check out the Zs as well as the As!


  • 2018-19 Summer Volunteers
  • Chapter  Treasurers
  • Connectivity Coordinators
  • Corporate  Galvanisers
  • Engineering On Country Knowledge Hub
  • EWB's Board
  • EWB's International Field Professionals
  • Local Partnerships  Knowledge Hub
  • Mecca Mpower Project Team
  • Member Engagement  Coordinators
  • UNSW Chapter Co-Presidents
  • NSW Inter-Uni Design Corner Team
  • Region Presidents
  • Region Secretaries
  • Region VPs
  • School Outreach  Coordinators
  • Technical Knowledge Hub
  • University Chapter  Presidents
  • UQ Regioneering Coordinator Team
  • UQ School Outreach Coordinators
  • USyd Chapter's SO Coordinators
Alan Yu                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Alan is responsible for our Appropriate Technology workshops, but specifically the large amount of work integrating them into a QUT engineering unit every semester. Alan made it all happen, he has held his role for two year's, starting the first semester of this project and improving on it for multiple semesters.This results in us reaching about 1500 university s tudent's each year with the support of a subject, promoting humanitarian engineering and the organisation.

Alex Leye

Alex keeps our finances on track which is essential for smooth operations throughout the year. He's always proactive in learning more about EWB and doesn't hesitate to ask for clarification when he's unsure. Thanks to his careful planning our chapter is expected to come out of this financial year above our budget targets! Keep up the great work!!

Alex  Morrison

Alex is the Curtin University Chapter Treasurer who has revolutionized our financial records and accountability. Alex brought to the club his expertise and can do attitude to develop an efficient record keeping system and clear financial statements. He has helped inspire other members within our committee to be more active and make a difference by organizing and coaching our social volleyball team. This has lifted the morale and created a community feel, helping us all make more of an impact.

Ali Bulbul

 Ali is a Lead Facilitator within the ACT Schools Outreach team, and has been a member of the chapter for a couple years. Ali has made phenomenal contributions to SO within the ACT, leading 3+ workshops per month and going above and beyond his role to plan and coordinate workshops. He always steps up when needed, and is an amazing role model to not only the students he reaches, but the other SO volunteers.

Concluding a tenure of 4 years with the ACT chapter, Ali has gone above and beyond this semester to deliver the ACT chapter's School Outreach program: from workshops and replenishing supplies to training and promoting the program to new audiences, all while working toward submission of his honours project and final semester of university. With a keen focus on continuity and passing the torch, Ali's work has created a lasting impression with innumerable students and future engineers!

Ali Rahimi

Ali runs the chapter with the kindness and compassion. This is embodied in his constant willingness to support and mentor chapter volunteer. Whether it's showing up to sub-committee meetings on weelends or stepping in to facilitate difficult conversations with stakeholders Ali is able to strike the perfect balance of giving our members room to grow will still giving them the support they need.

Ali as a president is very good. Good direction, takes into account everyone at the table and listens well. He makes good decisions. Well done!

Andrew Garfield

Andrew is the gear that keeps EWB Victoria's wheels running. Aside from the tremendous effort required by his secretary role, Andrew has contributed to organizing events, recruiting new members and is always the first committee member to follow up on an action. He keeps us honest and focused.

Andrew, thank you so much for inducting me into my role and for being a great secretary to the region. You know a lot, and you give a lot of your time. Truly, you are a volunteer, and you make working with the region easy. Thank you for all your insights and guidance. You make it very welcoming to be part of the team.

Angie Rozali

Angie continues to lead the EOC Knowledge Hub, fostering thoughtful approaches, supporting the knowledge to develop cultural competency within the engineering sector and community-led engineering.

Chee Ho Chan

Chee Ho was our highest contributing volunteer within the club for 2018.
He attended ~50% of all our school outreach workshops in addition to helping out at numerous AT workshops and events we held. He has no specific team role which I think highlights his actions even further. His actions allowed workshops to go ahead that were otherwise tentative and has had a wonderful impact on students and those of us in team seeing such a positive commitment expecting nothing in return.

Chelsea Hayward

Chelsea has been an always reliable supporter of chapter activities in her role as NSW Vice President. In particular she has built connections with the water industry and mentored the student members involved in School Outreach. On top of this she has continued the roll-out of the School Outreach materials she developed which include more content related to maternal health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Thanks for your continued advocacy and support of our impact in multiple areas!

Chloe Lahiff

Miss Lahiff is the current VP at UQ, prior to which she was Regioneering exec. I first met her in her previous role where she seemed to always make things happen just by entering a room. Chloe has been an invaluable resource for myself as my Regioneering predecessor and on all things EWB related - as an executive I receive my far share of queries and my response  is either repeating something i learnt from Chloe or just a straight "Ask Chloe". Too kind for her own good and wise beyond her years

Eddy Le 

Eddy has worked tirelessly this year to take our events above and beyond what we have ever had before. On top of this, Eddy has made it possible to run events to raise funds for our events, and has organized and directed our new Events team at Curtin. Without Eddy we couldn't have had as great a year as we have!

Erin Hughes

Erin Hughes is dedicated to making a change in the Torres Strait. Thanks to her relentless efforts, EWB volunteers have been able to undertake cultural awareness training, visit the area and deliver school outreach workshops to local schools for several years, introducing students from toddlers to teenagers to engineering and inspiring them to pursue STEM. Thank you Erin for helping to provide many people, both EWB volunteers and students, with such a fantastic opportunity.

Eva Cheng

Eva goes above and beyond for EWB, passionately advocating for EWB within the UTS faculty, mentoring the student members and also providing support for EWB NSW events. Eva is always looking for new opportunities for EWB and our volunteers to collaborate with universities in teaching, research and student engagement. Thank you Eva, we are looking forward to seeing where these opportunities take us!

Fiona Wyer

Fiona is the club's first communications coordinator responsible for our online image, primarily our Facebook presence. She took this role to a completely new level, we now have a much more active Facebook page (team introductions, photos etc), volunteer group, new Instagram page (promoting our events more effectively), and LinkedIn. Our page has had the best engagement ever and this year has been the best year for not alone the number of new active members but how engaged they are.

Hannah Elvery Hannah is the president of the QUT chapter and is responsible for oversight of all our operations.

The club is in a fantastic state with record active membership, event attendance, SO and AT workshops, and collaboration with other engineering clubs and UQ EWB. This is a testament to Hannah's skill set in making collaboration between people happen. This happens within the team itself, other clubs, QUT staff, and broader EWB. 

Ish Chopra

Doing a great job getting our budget in on time despite being interstate.

Jane Yu

Doing a great job managing School's Outreach!

Jasmine Mary

Jasmine is a great volunteer for our chapter - great at diffusing tense situations, great at coming up with ideas to boost morale and great at keeping our chapter on track and ensuring its longevity. Keep up the amazing work!

Jeff McAllister

Jeff is lively, active and most importantly inspiring to all those around him. The passion and skill-set he brings to the table is unparalleled. We are very fortunate in Victoria to have a person of his calibre making a markedly positive impact. In his most recent contribution for example, he lead the submission of our Chapter 2019/20 Budget and spearheaded the delivery of Victoria Chapter retreat; both of which are critical for Chapter operation and longevity.

Josh Hyde

Josh is part of EWB's Curtin University Chapter committee and is a vital part of our Events team. Josh's work continuously impresses the committee and his team with his ability to complete any task given to him in a prompt and excellent standard. He always delivers more than what is expected of him and sets a great example for the rest of the committee. This has enabled us to deliver better events, and keep our chapter volunteers engaged!

Leon Ross

Leon is the best EoC Co-Coordinator anyone can ask for. He is amazing at strategic thinking, bringing out the strength in others, and is an amazing team mate. He continually supports the NSW Region to achieve its Engineering on Country goals, and works closely with Head Office to be the face of NSW EoC to our corporate partners in Sydney. Not only this, but he is our key contact for EWB's close relationship with ATSIMA - an invaluable partnership for the NSW Region. Go Leon!

Leon Ross encourages EWB volunteers to get active on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues through the Engineering on Country (EoC) program having been a key organiser in setting up a national training retreat in January 2019 for 20 upcoming leaders. Leon has also been the main driver for establishing a now thriving working relationship with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA) and EWB.

Logan  Lay

Logan is a dedicated and hard working general representative from the Monash Chapter. He has been involved both with the Appropriate Technology initiative as well as the organisation of Ideathon, and more recently he's been assisting in the creation of documents for funding opportunities. His dedication and tendency to go above and beyond what's required is admirable and worthy of a shout-out! Keep up the good work Logan, we really appreciate it!

Louise Bardwell

Stepping into the lead facilitator role nearly a year ago, Louise has done a fantastic job organising and delivering workshops to students across the ACT. Workshops that Louise has led have always resulted in great feedback from participants and teachers, reflecting the high standard of delivery. Louise is creating great and meaningful impact by providing school students with a positive interaction with engineering education!

Maria Tran

Maria has been a key leader within the NSW EoC Focus Group, through coordinating meetings, communicating between all the members of the focus group and actively working to include and facilitate engagement between all of the Focus group members and attendees. Maria has been a superstar coordinator, and is always ahead of the curve and organised, and is always on the ball. Maria youre a champ, its been great to Co-coordinate with you!

Matt Imhoff

Thanks Matt for your many years of dedication to EWB and the NSW Region!

Matt creates impact by seizing opportunities, leveraging networks and catalyzing across the sector
to mobilize humanitarian engineering movement. Eg: adding corp galv role to his president role, Matt helped get Schneider Electric partnership over the line, through assisting with research, attending meetings and activating contacts to position EWB and inform our proposal. He was a key mobilizer championing the Giving Day (Dec 2018) to chapter and community. $$ Support for EOC is the result!

Michelle Low

Done great work in development of amazing events and fundraising initiatives.

It's rare to have a new volunteer dive into their role with the fervour Michelle has since joining the Region late last year. Her meticulous organisational skills, and strong team management, have been instrumental in helping us deliver a number of successful events so far, including Info Night and our current Grilled Fundraiser.

Mina Benjamin

Thank you Mina for being a committed volunteer for EWB in New South Wales. It is great to see you joining our movement as an Energy Hub team member and also directly contributing to our work by volunteering as a mentor for skilled migrants through our local program in partnership with SkillME. You have a clear passion for making sure that all in Australia and internationally can benefit from engineering skills, keep it up!

Owen Palmer

Thanks Owen for your work as NSW region treasurer this year! Owen has done an excellent job bringing together our university chapters to create our plans and budgets for the year, and also been a great EWB representative in front of our corporate partners at events. Good luck and have fun studying in France!

Prince Bhandari

Did a great job establishing CQU Melbourne Campus Chapter.

Prince embodies the EWB spirit.  This is no more evident than in his tireless effort to build our youngest Victoria Region Chapter - CQU Melbourne Campus. From working tirelessly to recruit new members, to collaborating with established chapter to bring programming and volunteer opportunities to his CQU classmates, Prince is making an impact of his peers and his wider network. 

Raf and Danielle

Thanks Raf and Danielle! You've hit the ground running in this new role with leadership, drive and passion. Thanks for the hard work in the development of the knowledge hub's impact plan.

Ritva Vilppola

Thank you Ritva for your continued leadership within the QLD chapter. Recently stepping up to the role of Vice-President, you have taken on many new responsibilities, and allowed the chapter to continue to function well. The Mapathon, and Pathways events both ran well, with lots of positive feedback. Looking forward to seeing all of your positive contributions over the coming year too. Thank you Ritva! 

Rumana Asif

Rumana contributed to the development and dissemination of  WASH communication material to promote EWB WASH work with a larger audience. Rumana helped compose, edit, and  manage  the  production  of  a  full  range  of WASH  documents, articles, presentations and interviews. As an example, Rumana wrote an interesting article on the use of the SATOpan technology in Cambodia. This included research over internet and review of documents produced by EWB team in the field.

Sam Cheah

Since joining the chapter as Member Engagement Coordinator this year, Sam has worked tirelessly  to improve the way we engage our ACT community. She has been pivotal in transforming the way we run the chapter, which has lead to a massive increase in our member base and their engagement.
Sam, thank you so much for your passion and for all that you do for the ACT chapter. You are an inspiration, and we don't know what we'd do without you!

Samantha Baker

In her role as a national office summer volunteer, Sam was a brilliant support to the Education and Research team, working predominantly in the member engagement space. A key achievement of Sam's was collating Makerthon Resource Package, based on the event organised by the EWB QLD Chapter in 2018, designed to assist Chapters in successfully conducting their own Makerthon event.

Sarah Callinan

This year, Sarah as taken the presidential reins with gusto. Rapidly adapting to the responsibility of the new role, her leadership and commitment in progressing the goals of the chapter and of the organisation is unparalleled. This year has already seen the recruitment of a full compliment of volunteers to support her vision, leading to record numbers of participants in creative new events and activity areas. Sarah's presidency will see the ACT chapter deliver great impact across the region.

Sarthak Barbudhe

Sarthak is a new addition to EWB's Curtin University Chapter. He has taken up the role as a School Outreach Coordinator and has managed to excel beyond what was expected of him. Sarthak has given an immense amount of his time and dedication to coordinate School Outreach workshops and engage volunteers with high school students. It is impressive to see how much he has grown since stepping into the role and is definitely an invaluable member of the Curtin Chapter committee.

Shannon Davies

Thank you Shannon for putting together a fantastic event to launch EWB's Engineering Redefined report in NSW! We could not have done this without your professionalism and ability to adapt to change. Best of luck on your secondment in India, we all look forward to you returning and sharing your story!

Stephanie Koll

Did a great job with the recent Info Night which was a great success.

Stephanie has been responsible for all secretarial matters related to the events and fundraising team. She has been a tremendous help in the team such a contributing ideas and past experiences to make the events better. She has even helped to step in to co-ordinate events such as the latest Info Night in the Vic Region. Thank you Stephanie for making this role possible and for supporting the team throughout the years. You are doing an amazing service and we are grateful to have you on the team.

Tina Feenstra

Tina has long been a school outreach volunteer through EWB Aus' corportate partnership with Origin Foundation. She has taken on the new role of National Local Partnerships Knowledge Hub Coordinator and has been driving the development of knowledge hub. Thanks for your hard work, commitment to collaborative approaches and your positive attitude!

Vikram Sondergaard

Thanks for the huge effort in organising the EOC Knowledge Hub retreat!

Vindula Jayalath

Thanks for contributing and bringing a creative flair to the posters! Looking forward to seeing how you grow this role 

Zahra Motavasel

Zahra has hit the ground running as EWB NSW's Corporate Galvanizer. She has already re-energized our relationships with our corporate partners and friends in NSW, reached out to student members and built stronger connections with the EWB staff team. Thank you Zahra and we look forward to seeing the impact of your efforts!