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Make a personal contribution, bring your family together, or create a lasting legacy that has meaning for you, and impact for others.

Whether you would like to make a personal contribution, bring your family together to change the lives of other families, or create your legacy and leave a Gift of Significance, our Philanthropy team can guide you on where your investment will have the greatest impact, and meaning for you. 

You can choose to invest in a specific project, or provide flexible funding that helps us build our capacity as an organisation so we can have an even greater reach.  And to ensure your contribution works as effectively as possible and we are assisting communities in the best possible way, our programs are continually monitored and evaluated.

As a philanthropic partner, you will have access to detailed project proposals and updates so you can feel confident in knowing that your investment will deliver the long lasting results we are all working towards.   In some cases, project visits may be possible for you to see firsthand the impact of your investment.

Your Philanthropy is an unequivocal, unwavering statement to people in disadvantaged communities that they are not left behind. That they are not forgotten. That they matter.

 We invite you to join us 

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