Kooma Energy project
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Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has worked with the Kooma Traditional Owners Association Incorporated (KTOAI) to sustainably meet the energy needs on their two properties, Murra Murra and Bendee Downs, located in South-West Queensland.

 The Project goals are to:

  • install a solar panel system (~9.8kVa) which will reduce Kooma’s overall grid-drawn energy consumption
  • allow the export excess energy to the grid
  • lower Kooma’s current energy usage by 50% through implementing energy saving initiatives.


The aims are to reduce energy consumption and create community awareness and education on the importance of energy conservation and the reduction of greenhouse emissions. Therefore making KTOAI a net exporter of renewable energy!

The project is managed by an EWB volunteer team of twelve and is sponsored by Virgin Blue, who have donated a generous $145,000 for the project!