The Habitat for Humanity EWB Challenge focuses on the An Minh District, located within the Kien Giang Province within the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. If you have a look at the Map of Vietnam showing Provinces you will see Kien Giang located at the bottom in South Vietnam.


The Kien Giang province is broken up into 13 districts as shown on the Kien Giang Province Map. The district of An Minh is located in the south of the province and has a large coastal front.


On the An Minh District Map you will see that the district is broken up into smaller areas termed communes. Within each of these communes you will see an orange dot. This dot represents the centre of each commune. The communes are not organised into villages but rather the houses are spread out along the banks of the canals that criss-cross through the district. The major canals are represented by blue lines on this map. The canals are the main avenues of transport through the district, while there are some roads that run alongside the canals these are quite often only small tracks for motorbikes.  The capital of the An Minh district is located at Thu Muoi Mot. Also on the An Minh District Map you will notice blue houses. These houses mark the sites of Habitat For Humanity Project sites within the district.

Note that most of the photos on this website were taken from within the Xa Thuan Hoa Commune within the An Minh District. 


Image: Canals in Kien Giang running through rice paddies. 


Maps for the Habitat for Humanity EWB Challenge: