2011 EWB Challenge Reports
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2011 EWB Challenge student reports

1A - Project for the community of Devikulam
1B - Nadukuppam sustainable transport program
1C - Rainwater catchment design for Devikulam
2A - Sustainable and cost effective water solutions
2B - Biodigester toilet
2C - Electric boosted urine diversion dehydration latrine
3A - Soap industry
4A - Waste management in rural India
4B - Devikulam village. Artificial ground water recharge
4C - Re-Inventing the well: From ‘ground water’ to ‘sound water’
5A - Distillation of bore water in Devikulam
5B - Smokeless stove
5C - Rainwater harvesting at Devikulam
5D - Development of a hybrid renewable energy system for Devikulam
6A - Supplying adequate drinking water to the Devikulam village
6B - Devikulam water purification project
6C - Clean water for a brighter future
7A - Water supply & sanitation
7B - A road to Pondicherry for all seasons
7C - Water filtration
7D - Solving the Issue of Human Waste in Devikulam
8A - Bio-digesters in Devikulam Report
8B - Improving the Standard of Living in Devikulam
8C - Water Supply and Sanitation in Devikulam
8D - Water supply
9A - Solve: Devikulam housing project
9B - Nuts and Bolts: Devikulam housing project
10A - Biodigestion in India
11A - Bio-digesters in Devikulam
11B - Sewage treatment in India
11C - Organic waste management
12A - Cooking system
12B - Toilet waste system
13A - JARANA bamboo plantation
13B - Cool storage solution
13C - Ashes to bricks
13D - Sustaina-Loo sanitation solution
14A - Composting toilets
15A - Biogas plant proposal
15B - Water purification
15C - Devikulam village eco toilet
15D - Devikulam health centre
16A - Biodigester proposal for future generation
16B - Water and waste management – Water filtration system
16C - Bio-digestion as a means of providing electricity and energy needs to the community of Devikulam
16D - Water supply and sanitation
17A - Solar power energy
17B - Sanitation through education and compost toilets
17C - Biodigester
17D - Reliable power supply to residents of Devikulum
18A - Waste management in Devikulam
18B - Bamboo industry development plan for Devikulam
18C - H2O-2-GO
18D - A reliable sustainable alternative energy supply for the village of Devikulam
19A - Devikulam energy proposal
19B - Devikulam sustainable housing proposal
20A - Collection, Storage and Distribution of Rainwater in the Village of Devikulam 
20B - Rainwater collection and storage system for the supply of drinking water to Devikulam