About Us

The PC Program's objective is to empower disadvantaged community members in South East Queensland by providing computer technology, IT training and support.


The PC Program (originally called 'PC's for Refugees) was initially started in 2006 to provide in-home tutoring to refugee clients of the Refugee Claimants Support Centre. Following a large donation of computers and provision of storage space at the University of Queensland, the PC Program's focus changed to computer refurbishment and distribution to refugee clients.

In 2008, following a number of issues with storage, the PC Program's refurbishing arm found a new home at Computer Troubleshooter's Aspley, which allowed us to focus on expanding the program and delivering more computers to clients. It also became obvious that many of our clients had insufficient training in use of a computer, and that training was essential to maximise the effectiveness of the program.

In 2009, with the recruitment of a Tutoring Co-ordinator and the expansion of the Program to include many new community centre partners, the PC Program is growing rapidly and gaining strength as a local project that the SEQ chapters can be proud of.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide refurbished IT equipment to disadvantaged members of the community.
  • Recognise that many clients are lacking in computer skills and that computer training is integral to maximising the effectiveness of our efforts.
  • Ensure that all of our clients have access to suitable computer training.
  • Promote responsible e-waste management by using re-furbished equipment and recycling un-usable equipment.
  • Recognise the cultural and ethnic diversity of our clients and embrace this through the promotion of cross-cultural interaction and awareness


To facilitate these goals, we have two core projects:

  • Computer Refurbishment - Cleaning, repairing and redistributing computer equipment to disadvantaged members of our local community.
  • IT Training and Education - To back up the computer technology we provide, we facilitate tutoring for clients who need to develop skills in using a computer.


Our core business operates in the Brisbane metropolitan area, working in close communication with local community centres to connect to and assist disadvantaged clients.