The Roelands Tank Team’s mission is to help develop, support and empower the Roelands community and assist in their path of reconciliation between all communities through the nurturing of relationships and awareness of Aboriginal culture. 


From the 1940s until the 1970s the Roelands Mission housed Aboriginal children who had been removed from their families. An estimated 500 children stayed here during the life of the mission, some of whom spent 16 years of their life there. The land was purchased for $1.92m in August 2004 by the Indigenous Land Corporation.

The Stolen Generation and the White Australia Policy was a sad time in Australia's history. But Roelands mission is being transformed. It is being renovated and turned into a place of education and healing. Les Wallam, leading the transformation at Roelands into a Centre for Noongars, spoke about his experience of separation.

“The separation from family broke many hearts, and even if people found parents or brothers and sisters, the lost time could not be made up. Bonds which should have been formed were not.”


What We Do

The Tank Team organizes road trips to Roelands every semester to keep the strong bonds with Roelands Village, 2 hours south of Perth and to discuss concept designs and ideas that have been brainstormed and discussed in team meetings. Some of the concept designs include finding uses for solar panels stored in Roelands, creating a Roelands Calendar, holding a Cultural Fair and carrying out vermicomposting to produce fertilizers.


How to Get Involved

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