Member engagement team exists to promote a motivated, knowledgeable and well-connected community of friends within EWB UWA. The team’s main responsibilities are:

  • Connecting the chapter through up to date newsletters, organizing and facilitating major recruiting events for EWB UWA such as EWB Welcome Lunch
  • Social bonding events for the volunteers of the club such as Chapternights
  • Internal EWB UWA promotions through cross pollination between the teams of the EWB such as Expeditions.


Additionally, the team has been organizing and facilitating nEWBie nights which are in the form of interactive, fun and engaging educational workshops which are aimed to improve the understanding of EWB’s role in the community in a deeper and broader level, as well as to increase awareness of EWB-relevant community development issues.

Our History

EWB Stall at UWA, 2012

EWB UWA Member Engagement team was established in 2012 with a purpose of keeping the members engaged and informed. Primary responsibilities were to design, create and release newsletters.

Over time, the team became more structured with expanded responsibilities. Previously, chapter night events were separated so they all became the responsibility of the member engagement team. The team became more focused on improving and maintaining internal relationships within the club.

Member Engagement at the EWB Stall at UWA Campus, 2012

What We Do


Member Engagement team has organised various events since its conception. We managed to organise and facilitate a successful EWB Welcome Lunch, which had a fantastic turn out and allowed EWB UWA to welcome many enthusiastic volunteers to the teams of the club as well as to increase the awareness of EWB UWA on campus. 


Our fortnightly newsletters allow the volunteers of the club to stay up-to-date with upcoming club events, teams’ success stories and general updates. We have also held Chapternights with varying themes, including Boardgames, Frisbee and Mafia night which allow volunteers to gather for a single purpose: have fun!

Member Engagement at Boardgame Night, 2014

Other successful events organised by the Member Engagement team include expeditions and awards night. EWB Expedition was a program that allows volunteers of various teams to visit and experience other teams within EWB UWA. The program aimed to promote the club internally by improving the knowledge and understanding of the volunteers. Awards Night was another notable event organised by the member engagement team. The aim of this cocktail night was to recognize the fantastic effort of the volunteers and award those whose efforts were outstanding.

Member Engagement at the EWB Barbeque, 2013

Additionally, 2 nEWBie Nights have been successfully organised and run. The main topics of discussions were community development and Humanitarian Engineering. Many more exciting and rewarding events are in plans for EWB UWA to look forward to for the future so stay tuned!


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