The purpose of the Events Team is to organise activities involving the general student population with the prime intention of raising funds for the humanitarian activities undertaken by Engineers Without Borders. We have held a wide variety of large fundraising events in the past, including Quiz Nights, The Amazing Race, and Scavenger Hunts, as well as more frequent events such as pancake sales, bake sales and sausage sizzles. Throughout the planning phase of our events, we also aim to facilitate the opportunity for Events Team volunteers to further develop their communication and organisation skills.


Why do we do it?


The events team loves to see EWB's many projects have the resources to do the amazing things they do and aims to empower and support the meaningful and lasting change EWB provides. Fundraising events like bake sales, spring feast stalls, sugary donut sales and raffles are great fun and also provide a platform for the other two pillars. 


The events created by the events team promote visibility and spread the message of EWB to those outside of the organisation. Getting involved in a EWB quiz night or Christmas party is a great entry point in getting to know the EWB and the people involved.

Community building

EWB is first and foremost a fantastic community that brings together passionate, positive and interesting people from all backgrounds. What better mission is there then one of facilitating events that strengthen and forge these bonds and this community?

How to get involved

Click the link to become a part of the EWB UWA chapter! This link will direct you to a quick, 2-minute form where you can register your details and interest in one of our projects.  

We'll then get the right person in contact with you so you only have to speak to the person from the project you're interested in.