The Creative Marketing Team's mission is to promote the events of the EWB UWA events team and expose to the public what EWB is and to its vision and missions in creative and unique ways.

We strive to recruit like-minded people who are inspired to create change for EWB UWA.

What We Do

The team promotes events held by the EWB UWA chapter, runs stalls for O-day and events and takes charge of the EWB facebook page to connect with the public.

The Creative Marketing Team promoting the UWA Scavenger Hunt, 2014.

The creative marketing team were responsible for organising the UWA open day of 2014, and will likely continue to organise the event in the future. We also run stalls from time to time and help run undergrad and postgradraduate expos.

How to Get Involved

Click the link to become a part of the EWB UWA chapter! This link will direct you to a quick, 2-minute form where you can register your details and interest in one of our projects.  

We'll then get the right person in contact with you so you only have to speak to the person from the project you're interested in.