Kelsie Clarke


Kelsie embarked on her journey to study engineering so that she could combine her love of math and designing for people. Kelsie first became in involved with EWB in 2011 when her team became NSW State Finalists in the university EWB Challenge, which led to her being awarded the EWB Challenge scholarship. Following this, Kelsie joined the Newcastle EWB Chapter and was a member of the WASH team. She has also been involved in many of EWB’s programs, including the Dialogues on Development Cambodia tour, has facilitated Leadership Rewired, and completed her thesis in conjunction with EWB.
Since relocating to Perth, Kelsie took on the role as Corporate Coordinator for the EWB WA Chapter for two years, prior to stepping up to the WA President Role.
By day, Kelsie is a Structural Engineer with an Australian energy company. She is passionate about increasing the diversity in the engineering sector and is actively involved with many initiatives in this space. She is active in many formal women in engineering mentoring programs and holds a Strategy and Planning role with her company’s gender diversity group. Kelsie also won the Emerging Talent category of the Australia Subsea Business Awards in 2016, where they recognised her “remarkable level of involvement and willingness to contribute to not-for-profit causes.".
Read about her vision for the region here.
Kelsie Clarke




VICE President, wa Region

Kelvin has been a member of EWB for the past 7 years.  In that time he has volunteered as Events Managers, Member Engagement Co-ordinator, Vice President of UWA, Roelands Partnership Manager and recently, he stepped into the role of the regional Vice President. Kelvin has a passion and focus for capacity building and has run multiple leadership workshops for EWB volunteers locally as well as at National Council. In his spare time he is a Project Engineer at the Public Transport Authority.

Kelvin has always believed that the engineering profession is inherently humanitarian and that the best engineers truly embrace the intersection between technology and humanity. After his trip to India as a Design Summit Mentor he has been actively applying the principles of Human Centred Design to his work and influencing his organisation to adopt the innovative framework for engineering work.

Kelvin loves to eat, sing and dance - he finds writing in the 3rd person to be quite megalomaniacal.





Aidan is a chemical engineering student and a passionate volunteer. Joining EWB in 2013 at the University of Western Australia, Aidan has been a part of the UWA High School Outreach, Creative Marketing and Appropriate Technology teams. He was UWA Treasurer (2014-2015) and currently is the WA State Treasurer.
Aidan's past experiences, with the St Vincent de Paul Society (2012-2014) and as a participant in a World Challenge tour to Borneo Malaysia (2011), have given him an appreciation towards the difference that volunteers can make to those in need.
In his free time Aidan enjoys speaking Mandarin, running and spending time with family.
Aidan Johnson



niloo jafari


Niloo has  recently  graduated  from  Curtin  University  with  a  Master  of  Project  Management.  She  is  working  with  EWB  as  the  WA  Region Secretary, predominantly taking and issuing regional committee meeting minutes while she builds her confidence and capabilities. She has a passion for Martial Arts and has been doing Karate for fouryears. She is also keen on travelling around the world and hearing others’ stories.
Niloo Jafari



Nicola Lazaroo

social media manager

Nicola’s background is in Mechanical Engineering and she’s currently working as an Investment Planning Analyst at the Water Corporation. She’s been involved in EWB  for  quite  a  few  years  now. She  was  the  Corporate  Galvaniser  for  a  while,  but  she  has  also  had  fun  in  helping  to organise various events such as our annual Yoga Day fundraiser. More recently, she has moved into the social media space, and she is also excited to be taking on the role of Pro BonoChampionin 2017.
In her spare time she enjoys getting outdoors hikingandscuba diving, as well as helping out local volunteers with beach clean-ups, dune-planting, watering and weeding.
Nicola Lazaroo




WEBSITE Manager                 

Sharath has been actively involved in various teams of EWB since 2015 and is now the Website Manager for WA Region as well as the Vice President for his university chapter. 

A life enthusiast with an immense love for traveling, animals, books & photography, a huge supporter of mental health & wellbeing with a strong passion for anything humanitarian, he believes in spreading happiness around the world through kindness and positivity. He is student of Computer Systems Engineering by day and a binge watcher of TV shows by night.

Sharath Vijayananda



Emma is one of the WA Chapters non-gineers, and has been working as an Environmental Consultant at a large Engineering and Project Management Consultancy for the past 6 years. She is passionate about inspiring others to become change-makers and strongly believes in the concept of Humanitarian Engineering.

She first joined the EWB WA Leadership and Training Team upon its formation about 5 years ago and has extensive experience in coordinating events, inductions and training courses both within EWB and externally. She took a year off from EWB in 2013/14 to live and work in Vietnam, before coming back to the Leadership and Training Team.

In 2016 Emma moved over to the Corporate Team as Corporate co-galvanizer, to promote corporate engagement with EWB and encourage our corporate members to actively engage with EWB  in the WA Region.

Emma Dade



Julian goh 

spokes in the wheel coordinator

Julian is a chemical engineering graduate from Curtin University. He has been the Spokes in the Wheel coordinator since March 2016, after being inspired by the 2016 EWB Humanitarian Design Summit in Cambodia.
He has been riding bicycles ever since he was a little kid and bicycles have been many things to him, all the way from being an accessible form of transport to a tool for making new friends and connections. Being a part of Spokes in the Wheel has allowed him to combine his passion for bicycles with his engineering background. 
Julian Goh



chloe mellitchey

school outreach coordinator

Chloe is a final year Chemical Engineering student atEdith Cowan University (ECU) whojoined EWB in early 2015 as the ECU Chapter President in the hope of creating a thriving chapter. Going into 2017, Chloe is happy to say that the ECU Chapter has grown into a fully functioning chapterthat has established a successful School Outreach program and hosted many fundraising and member engagement events. She has now taken on the role of being School Outreach Coordinator. 
Chloe Mellitchey



Kajal jhuboo

events team coordinator

The passion to create an intelligent environment that does not require protection led Kajal to study civil and environmental engineering at UWA in 2014. Her compassion and love of people reflect in the various voluntary works she has done (Rotary International, teaching for free, International Summits to stand for Human Rights). After moving to Perth from Mauritius 2 years ago, Kajal is pursuing her dreams and is dedicated into bridging the gap positively between civil construction and the environment. The idea of humanitarian engineering encouraged her to join EWB.

Kajal has a love for cars, animals and sports outside of engineering. She likes to be self-taught and believes in using compassion and leadership in her everyday life to make others happy and to be happy. She is multilingual (at 6 languages). Adventures will never stop appealing to her and she hopes to do more travelling this year. Kajal’s moto in life is to focus on the positive and predict the future by creating it.

Kajal Jhb