So, what's HSO?

'EWB envisions a transformed Australia where appropriate and sustainable technology is at the forefront of every engineer’s mind. We also perceive a conscious and concerned Australia that is a leader in the fight against poverty and an advocate for the rights of all people around the world.'
-Excerpt taken from EWB's vision.

High School Outreach is a program, one of several developed by EWB to acheive it's vision of a transformed Australia. It involves having volunteers, typically from university levels going out and teaching high school students about social justice and the place of engineering and technology in delivering social justice.

Currently, our volunteers use pre-made PowerPoint presentations to deliver up to 6 different presentations covering Climate Change and Water issues in our global society. Each powerpoint presentation is accompanied by an activity which engages the students in enjoyable and creative ways, and takes a little less than an hour to complete, thus being perfectly adaptable to most classroom envioments.

Presentations are given in pairs or threes, which challenges our volunteers not only to enage students on a public speaking level, but also to work together as a team. All presentations are organised and co-ordinated by the HSO Co-ordinator. At EWB, we stress the importance of community, therefore we aim to always provide ample support for our volunteers.

Community Feedback

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of presentation wherever we go and whoever we present to. We take our member engagement and our goals very seriously. Below, you can read the feedback that our group has had so far from a variety of different sources.

Sandra Dryer, UWA Engineering Faculty Marketing team: See email

Elisa McGowan, UWA aspire project officer: See email

HSO Outcomes: What's in it for students, What's in it for me?


The HSO team of UWA has great pleasure in announcing that since December 2011 HSO has reached out to 1229 students in comparison to 2040 students in total for the whole of 2011. Our growing presence is thanks to the many volunteers who go out to schools and do fantastic work with students. Not only have we formed partnerships with new schools, we have also been able to build strong relationships with on campus societies such as Aspire, ECM and Fairway . We hope to continue strengthening our relationship with them in order to reach out to as many students as possible creating more opportunities for our volunteers.


Outcomes for High School Students.

Our success is vividly seen when talking to High School Students. Through HSO presentations and activities , students gain better understanding of social justice and sustainability issues. This gives them the ability to see it in a big picture and be more aware of the issues currently faced in the world.

HSO presentations and activities also provide students with a deeper understanding of engineering as a profession. Therefore, our modules are especially invaluable learning for those who are considering Engineering as a degree in University.

To hear about some student experiences, click here.

Outcomes for Volunteers

We make it our mission to make sure our volunteers always have smiles on their faces. This is because for volunteers, HSO is meant to be an enjoyable means to gain skills in public speaking and communication. 

Volunteers are given the opportunity to deal with different sized groups, from a handful of students to a full-sized class. This allows our volunteers to build sound soft skills and confidence in their abilities. 

We have found marked improvement in the quality of all our presenters in just a few presentations.
Once a semester we also hold a workshop allowing HSO people to increase their skills. This is administered by our best HSO volunteers, so the newer volunteers can take advantage of expert advice and skills.
To hear what what some of our volunteers have had to say about their experiences click here.

How you can get involved!

For every presentation that occurs, the HSO Co-ordinator will send out an email containing information about HSO to everyone who's on the HSO emailing list, allowing them to choose which presentations they would like to do, based on convenience and preference. By joining the email list, you are not committing to HSO, you are just keeping yourself informed of every possible presentation. 
To get involved please email us at


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