About Us

Engineers Without Borders Monash are a friendly, dedicated group of student volunteers based out of Monash University. We represent, advocate for and implement the work of EWB locally, encouraging and implementing positive change by utilising and building upon the skills of of our volunteers. Currently there are a number of local community focused activities volunteers can assist with, including inspiring young children to pursue humanitarian engineering, investigating sustainable technology and providing direct assistance to the community. We welcome all Monash students who are interested in creating change through humanitarian engineering to join our growing community. 

Throughout the year, our chapter committee is dedicated to fulfilling the following goals for our community:

  • Engage
    • With students to raise awareness about humanitarian engineering
  1. Create
    1. Opportunities for students  to develop their professional skills through working in the local community
  • Connect
    • Students with the Monash community
    • Students to opportunities at the state or national level


Joining the Monash EWB Chapter

We understand that you, as university students, are incredibly busy people and are grateful for any and every bit of time our volunteers donate. For this reason, there are several levels of engagement you can have with the organisation as listed below.

Curious about what we do? – Like us on Facebook – That way you keep up to date on activities and can come and join when you are free. Interactive Introduction sessions will occasionally pop up.

Interested in Activities? – Become a Friend of EWB – It’s free and allows you to sign up to the Monash EWB Chapter.

Take part in activities Activities – Contact the Committee – This is the fun bit where you get to meet new people and help make our planet a better place.