EWB Victoria's High School Innovation Challenge is an exciting initiative which brings metropolitan and regional high school students together. Encouraging students to explore the social, economical and environmental implications behind technological innovations and large-scale projects in the world.

The Innovation Challenge is aimed at students across Victoria, in particular students in regional areas,  low-socioeconomic status schools, and schools that are underrepresented at a tertiary level. It will bring together students for three days of learning, teamwork and action, with the goal of encouraging students to develop a broader perspective on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career paths.

The program encourages students to explore the social, economic and environmental implications behind technological innovations and large-scale projects in the world. It also involves hands-on activities to highlight the importance of teamwork, communication and community consultation in problem solving.

Registrations - Closed

St Hilda's College Scholarship

This year our partnership with St Hilda's College has provided the opportunity for regional school students to obtain a Regional Scholarship. The Regional Scholarship aims to reward the success and accomplishments of high-achieving secondary school students studying in rural Victoria. These students must demonstrate excellence not only in their academic studies, but also in leadership roles and are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The Regional Scholarship is eligible for regional school students studying in Year 9 & 10 with ten successful applicants each awarded $150 discounted from the Innovation Challenge registration fee.

Students eligible may apply via this link here and applications close 31st August 2018. We would like to thank St Hilda's College for providing these students with this unique opportunity.

St Hilda's College Partnership

We are thrilled to announce St Hilda's College - University of Melbourne as our new partner for the High School Innovation Challenge 2018!

St Hilda’s College, with its high ambition and welcoming community, will be one of the cornerstones for running this year’s Innovation Challenge. Our aim is to build a great relationship with St Hilda’s College and to make sure the best environment and experience is created for everyone who is a part of this year’s High School Innovation Challenge. We are very fortunate to have St Hilda’s on board and expect this year’s Innovation Challenge to bring personal and professional growth opportunities to all participants.

More information on St Hilda's College can be found here: 


High School Student Opportunities

The program provides an opportunity for high school students to interact with current university students; to gain an understanding of day-to-day university life, subjects, course pathways.

Presentations from university students, industry professionals and university staff will introduce various university pathways, facilities and support structures including scholarships, clubs and societies, and residential colleges.

regional students

Students attending from regional schools will have the opportunity to stay at an on-campus residential college for the duration of the program. 

This opportunity is a great way for students to experience college life, and to explore the grounds which they may in future reside in.

EWB Volunteers

Volunteer positions are open to all EWB Victoria and University chapters, and offers an opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and program management skills.

As the program is managed, developed and presented by EWB volunteers and industry partners.

2017 EWB Innovation Challenge Volunteers