Our University Chapter hosts a series of events throughout the year. Inaugural events include Stepping Stones (to welcome new students), Careers Night (network with corporate partners), Speakers Night (humanitarian engineering presentations), and the "Pathways to Developing Communities" conference.

Furthermore, workshops are held for University students to gain hands-on experience with engineering appropriate technology. Moreover, the EWB@QUT team hosts High School Outreach workshops at local schools to encourage students to study engineering and engage in sustainable practices.

At the heart and soul of the Chapter are a team of passionate volunteers who share virtuous values and a keen sense of enthusiasm. University students from all fields of study are encouraged to connect with the chapter, attend events and actively volunteer. Coming along to our weekly meetings is a great way to find out how you can get involved! Our meetings are held every Thursday 1-2pm on the Gardens Point Campus in room B225, please be sure to check our Facebook page for any changes.

Like our Facebook Page to receive the latest updates on events! If you are keen to volunteer, please join our Facebook group entitled, "EWB@QUT Volunteer and Helper Pool".

For enquiries and feedback, please email qut@ewb.org.au