Welcome to the Griffith University Chapter

The Griffith University chapter operates across the Gold Coast, and Nathan campuses, advocating the vision and mission of EWB within the local and wider South East Queensland regions.

Our chapter is focused on inspiring students of all ages, adults, and young adults to gain a deeper understanding how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can be used to create positive change within developing communities. We achieve this goal through delivering programs that have been designed to engage primary and high school students into the learning the fundamentals of humanitarian engineering and appropriate technology. Our School Outreach program has successfully delivered to over 260 students each academic semester. The programs that we host for the wider community and university students include: appropriate technology workshops, speaker nights, networking events and social events - designed specifically for young adults and adults to explore themes that embody the core values of humanitarian engineering.

Volunteering Opportunities University Students:

If you are a student at Griffith University and would like to volunteer then email our team at griffithgoldcoast@ewb.org.au

Our Chapter offers a variety of exciting opportunities to contribute positive change within the community!

Depending on how involved you'd like to be; there are ongoing leadership positions that have the potential to span one to two years, these are executive roles. Alternatively, there are other opportunities which are project based and are more flexible depending on your areas of interest (i.e. volunteering to run workshops, fundraisers, events, and going abroad).
School Outreach Opportunities for Schools:
If your school is interested in EWB's School Outreach program please contact us at griffithgoldcoast@ewb.org.au for more information!

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