The University of New South Wales Chapter is a group of enthusiastic people who love contributing to the community. We offer a range of EWB programs that will have you meeting like-minded people and see engineering as a human-centred discipline.

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Latest News

4th July 2019

Complete the Mid 2019 School Outreach Volunteer Survey!

If you've volunteered with the School Outreach program in the last year, we want to hear from you!

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3rd June 2019

Do you want an EWB Australia T-shirt?

Each year, EWB Australia does a bulk T-shirt order for volunteers and supporters. Place your order before 25 June 2019!

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19th July 2017

UNSW 2017 Winter Regioneering Trip

Volunteers from the UNSW EWB chapter have recently completed their winter regioneering trip in regional NSW!

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6th November 2016

2016 National Council - EWB NSW Member Reflection

A reflection on 2016 National Council and the role of EWB Chapters in achieving EWB's 2020 Vision and the Sustainable Development Goals from UNSW School Outreach Coordinator, Karats Eisenmenger.

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5th November 2016

Sustainable Water Systems Workshop

EWB NSW Student and Professional members learn about sustainable water and sanitation in in Australia and Indonesia.

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22nd September 2016

What is a Corporate Galvanizer?

And is galvanizer spelt with a ‘z’ or an ‘s’? We will leave you to wrangle with this philosophical question. Learn about the exciting and impactful way the EWB NSW Corporate Galvanizer role contributes to EWB's aim of inspiring a global movement of engineers driving social change and how you can get involved!

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5th June 2016

Energy Hub Speaker Night

On Thursday 2 June EWB NSW's Energy Hub held an event to showcase some of the energy related projects EWB has run recently. The event was well attended, with a full room of old members and people new to EWB.

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1st May 2015

Reflections on Cultural Awareness Training

Earlier in the year, EWB NSW Region hosted Cultural Awareness Training to help members develop skills to engage positively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

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