Workshop – Volunteering – Engaging and being Engaged

Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 6:00 PM

Location: Engineers Australia, 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood, NSW, 2067 , NSW (View map)

This venue has disabled access

Why do people professionally volunteer?  Choosing to work additional hours outside of our jobs for free may seems crazy. Yet for some reason statically most Australian will volunteer at a point in their professional careers.  There must be a reason behind this?  For organisation like Engineering Australia (EA) and Engineers without Boarders (EWB) that rely on volunteers to succeed understanding volunteer engagement is a key to their success.

Yet equally important is our own understanding of why we chose to volunteer. For example, what would get you to volunteer?  Asking such questions causes us to consider both parties reasons behind the role.  In turn leading to respect for the partnership that volunteering truly is. This approach moves our thinking of volunteer from a service-based model to one that works to connect equally with both parties aims. A method that can applied in both paid and unpaid position.

To discuss this challenge EWB and EA invite you to a workshop on professional volunteerism.  An event which will seeks to find the answer to these often overlooked questions.

The aim of the event is to educates and provide tools to identify methods available to engage each party’s motivation with the required volunteer activities.  To achieve this the event will first look at the academic theory behind volunteer motivation though a presentation from EWB and Scouts Australia.  Both organisation having extensive experience in breaking down the factors behind volunteering. After this, the workshop will move into supported workshops with hands on activities designed to assist participants to identify their own driving factors while developing appreciation for what drives others. Through this approach participants will develop tools to focus, engage and maximize their own time and that of those around them..

Places are limited so early registration is recommended. Up to 2 CPD points can be claimed for attendance