Quiz Night team members needed

Posted by Rebecca Dracup to The University of Western Australia Chapter, 01st September at 11:17 AM

The WASTV Golden Globes Quiz Night is on Tuesday September 17th!

To thank them for their amazing work in putting together a promo video for EWB at the Leadership Symposium I'd like to organise a team for their Quiz Night. Please post if you'd like to join the table!

Posted 5 Years, 11 Months ago by Fikry Hanif

hey Bec. i've been asking people ard. so far we got 6 on our table including yourself. 

tentively, we have the awesome amazing Dracup, the uprising start Kevin Eipie, Superwoman Melissa, the fantaboulous Jason Lu, the genius Kelvin, the ever reliable Jia yao and me self. 

we have space for one more!

Posted 5 Years, 11 Months ago by Fikry Hanif

we've got full house for the quiz night!!

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