South East Queensland Energy Knowledge Hub Ideas

Posted by Brad Schultz to Energy, 11th June at 5:09 PM

The beginnings of the South East Queensland knowledge hub occurred last week at the Archive... and there are a bunch of enthusiastic people ready to give this knowledge hub thing a shot. We will catch up again in person some time soon, but for starters, we thought it would be great to have a few discussions on the forums here on the EWB website to see what ideas there are for things we can do /ways to be involved.

So, if anyone has ideas / thoughts / links / stories, please post them here!  You don't have to be a part of the South East Queensland Energy Knowledge Hub to contribute.  We're just fishing around for thoughts right now.  Ideas might be for events that we could put on here in SEQ, for resources we could develop which would assist volunteers, for local projects we could undertake that benefit communities locally, or projects that might benefit a community a long way away.  

So... over to you all!


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