EWB-SAIL 2014 Wrap Up and 2015 Plans

2014 was the biggest year on record for the EWB and SAIL partnership - thanks for all your support and stay tuned for 2015 activities! 

2014 was the biggest year on record for the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Victoria and Sudanese Australia Integrated Learning (SAIL) local partnership with a feature of our Spokes in the Wheel program on ABC National Radio, a Stories from SAIL information session, 3 Spokes in the Wheel Cycles (including the first ever sessions at the Wyndham campuses), the launch of the SAIL Engineering Workshops program, the representation of EWB at the annual SAIL birthday fete and the involvement of Universities through representatives. Additionally, the partnership was strengthened by continuous contact and communication of coordinators, the achievement of a University of Melbourne grant and the implementation of reporting and documentation. 

These events, and those held in past years, would not have been possible without the generous support and endless enthusiasm of all our supporters. Thank you SO much for all your support for 2014.

2015 will be another tremendous year for the EWB and SAIL partnership. The Spokes in the Wheel will continue to run strong and will include greater upskilling of volunteers utilising the new workshops at Second Chance Cycles; the expansion of the SAIL Engineering Workshops by developing new workshops and launching the program at the Dandenong campus; another great SAIL Birthday by providing a bicycle powered smoothie stand; and a new program ‘SAIL Curriculum’ launching which will involved a maths and science curriculum provided for SAIL by the EWB team.

Contact us to be involved in our amazing projects and THANKS for all your help thoughout 2014!