There will be two new teams starting soon

Starting soon are two new teams within the EWB UWA family. The Appropriate Technologies team and the Creative Marketing team

Appropriate Technologies

At EWB we believe that everyone should have access to engineering solutions that can improve their lives and with your help we would like to make that a reality in Western Australia. We are looking for a small group of at least four volunteers committed to participating as part of a technically oriented team that is passionate about helping those around them through the implementation of appropriate technologies. That is technologies that are simple, cost effective, efficient, repeatable, and can be maintained and operated by non-engineers.

Through this team EWB will be partnering with Daniel Connell to assist in a clean energy project utilising wind turbine technology. We will also be partnering with Water And Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) to assist Coolbinia Primary School in creating a student operated water pump for their raised garden.

With your help these projects and many more to come can become a reality.

Creative Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if EWB was as well-known as the UEC or the Science Union? With your help it could be. EWB will be starting a new group charged with growing EWB’s presence on campus through any and all available means. EWB is doing great work on campus and in the wider community on campus and in the wider community. This team will be working towards letting people know what we do and we are out there. Hopefully this will lead to new members and an increased capacity for change.

Some possible outreach ideas include:

·         Sausage sizzles

·         Chalking around campus

·         Poster drives

These ideas are just a starting point because as the group's name suggests, creative marketing options are highly encouraged.

If you are interested in participating in either (or both) of these groups, please don’t hesitate to contact our new President at